Product Feature – Howling Dog Second Skin Harness

The Howling Dog Alaska Second Skin Harness is the newest addition to K9 Trail Time’s ever expanding range of sport dog harnesses and so I have chosen to write a short blog on it, as many people have been asking me about its’ pros and cons.

My Sprollie Donnie modelling the Second Skin harness, he has been my chief tester because he is such a strong puller!
My Sprollie Donnie modelling the Second Skin harness, he has been my chief tester because he is such a strong puller!

Firstly, I love the material it’s made from, it’s made from really soft, mesh material and is very comfy for the dog from the outset. It has a rounded neck hole which slips over the dogs’ head and then with just one leg  to be pulled through on the left side, the right has a plastic clip to do up, which makes the rib strap adjustable.

Donnie wears a size small and this is the smallest size available because it is designed and made in America to be used for sled dogs and therefore smaller dogs weren’t considered. The harness has two attachment points which could be used but the line is supposed to be clipped to the cord as shown in the picture above.

I have real problems finding harnesses which do not ride up into Donnie’s throat and cause him to wheeze and the Second Skin harness is one of only two which I have found that don’t do this to some extent on him. I think because the material is so soft, it allows the dog to really pull into the harness without restriction and he certainly seems comfortable in it.

The drawbacks of this harness are that your dog must pull out in front constantly or the harness will slip to one side. It is not designed to be used for ‘dawdling’ dogs and in that respect is very much a sport harness. I have also noticed the material does seem to cover the shoulder more than other harnesses but have to say this has made no difference to the way Donnie runs in it and it doesn’t seem to be an issue.

One last very positive thing about this harness (particularly from my point of view owning a Sprollie) is that the harness is very lightweight and quick drying. So when Donnie has a quick dip after, or during runs, it quickly dries out and there is no fear of it rubbing or causing him any problems when wet.

If you would like any more information on the Second Skin harness or to buy please visit

Donnie on the left, showing the Second Skin harness in action perfectly
Donnie (on the left) showing the Second Skin harness in action perfectly

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  1. Liz Wadeson

    Hi I have a year old collie who is a small girl but very strong and loves to run. She is very fast and pulls so I’d like to try cross running (if I can keep up) or bikejoring. She only weighs 15k.

    Please could you advise on what kind of harness to chose – I’ve researched the howling dog universal and toughskin version, the most important is that it is comfortable for her.

    I’ve only just found your website and am finding it very helpful.

    Liz 07597720868

    1. k9trailtime

      Hi Liz, so sorry for the late reply, if you still need help (I’m pretty sure you don’t now!) the best way to contact us is through the website or by e-mailing

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