Harness Fit – The Zero DC Euro Long Harness

The Zero DC Euro Long harness is one of the most popular modern options for canicross, bikejor and scooter racing and training because of the unique design which leaves your dogs’ back free to arch when pulling. In this short blog I will point out the things to look for in fit to make sure you get your dog in the correct sized harness.

The best length for the the harness depends on your dog and the activities you will be taking part in
The Zero DC Euro Long Harness can be used for all disciplines as long as you get the fit right!

1. The Neck: The most important part to get fitted correctly on the harness, the neck should be snug around the dog’s lower neck area and not be high enough to pull into the throat. Ideally you should be able to get about 3 fingers in the neck when the harness is pulled tight. The material of the cone shaped neck should also not restrict the shoulders in any way, if the material covers the point of the shoulder at the front then it may prevent the dog from striding out in the harness.

2. The Ribs: The middle section of the harness should be roomy when the dog is standing around and may even look ‘baggy’ when the dog isn’t pulling into it. The harness should clear the front legs easily and sit behind with enough clearance to allow the dog to fully stretch their legs backwards. The harness should fit snug against the side of the dog when it is pulled tight and the dog is leaning down into it, although you should still be able to fit your hands down either side to allow for the lungs to expand when the dog is working and breathing hard.

3. The Length: The last section of the harness where the line attaches to should come to more or less the base of the tail but this can vary dependent on the dog and a slightly longer or shorter length will not harm your dog due to the way the harness is designed to work. In the picture above the length is more or less perfect with the cord to clip your line to extending beyond the back of your dog.

Fitting notes: The Zero DC Euro Long harness will most probably be snug to get on and off your dog, both over the head and to get the legs into, so don’t automatically assume it is too small because you have to maneuver your dog into it! To fit the harness on your dog, firstly gather up the back of the harness and slide it and the neck piece over the head of your dog. Next pull one of your dogs’ legs through the harness, you may have to bend your dogs’ leg up and forward to do this, then repeat with the other leg and pull the back of the harness into place at the base of the dogs’ tail.

Once you’ve got your dog in the correctly fitting Zero DC Euro Long harness you can expect your dog to pull freely and enjoy your sports.

For more information on the different sizes of harness or to buy please visit: https://www.k9trailtime.com/shop/bikejor-scootering/harnesses/euro-long-zero-dc-faster-sports-harness/

Your harness must allow your dog to pull without restriction
Your harness must allow your dog to pull without restriction – Photo courtesy of CaniX and copyright of Simon Warwick

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