K9 Trail Time A-Z of Canicross – A is for Activity

The very first instalment of our A-Z of canicross, according to us here at K9 Trail Time. Of course there are plenty of letters which could have many words associated with them and some that will be hard to find something relevant for, however this series of mini-blogs aims to take you through some of the more fundamental elements of canicross as we see it.


A is for Activity, being active with your dog is the primary objective of canicross for us. Too many people are relying on quick walks around the block to cater for their dogs’ exercise needs and often misjudge how much activity a dog needs to keep it happy and well-adjusted to fit in with the modern lifestyles we have. Often the dogs we share our homes with are working breeds that would have had a job they were bred to do and now we just expect them to behave like pets. This doesn’t suit all dogs and many need something to do to allow them an outlet for the energy which they would have used traditionally in their job. By keeping your dog active, whether that be canicrossing (which is my personal favourite for giving a dog a job to do) bikejor, dog scootering, agility, flyball or regular walks (of a decent quality to allow your dog to get tired), you will find your dog much more likely to be happy at home when you do need to go out and leave them. Canicross is by far the best way I’ve found to give my dogs the activity they need, in safe circumstances (on lead, building muscle in a controlled way) and the result of this activity is always tired and happy dogs. That’s why K9 Trail Time’s slogan is ‘Active Dogs Are Happy Dogs’ and why I’ve chosen to kick start the A-Z of Canicross with ‘activity’!

K9 Trail Time's slogan has always been 'Active Dogs Are Happy Dogs'
K9 Trail Time’s slogan has always been ‘Active Dogs Are Happy Dogs’

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