Mel’s Motivational Monday Story

Tell us a bit about you and your dog/s

I have 3 dogs. Bryn, red and white border collie who is now 12 years and retired who got me into canicross. Xander, black collie cross who is 6 years and is my main powerhouse. Rowan tri colour collie cross who is 4 years who is the brains of the outfit and although the smallest gives the biggest effort and is also reactive.

Tell us a bit about your canicross experience so far…

For me canicross has always been about getting out with like minded people who are all obsessed with our dogs, doing something that gives you a complete happy feeling once your done, even if your legs are like jelly afterwards. I’m not a fast runner and run at around the 30minute for 5km mark. I normally run between 5-10km but have also ran up to half marathons. Canicross for me also helps and lets me explore the least used trails that dogless runners usually avoid leading to some very fun and often muddy adventures.

Tell us about how canicross has helped you and your dog/s and your biggest achievements

I suffer badly with my mental health, with anxiety and depression. 6 years ago the thought of saying my name and running let alone running for fun would of been a huge joke to most people including myself. Without canicross I would never of had the courage to go out and run like I do now especially in a big race environment! The sense of achievement and the confidence my dogs give me has allowed me to achieve more than I can possibly imagine. I have ran nearly every weekend around the parkrun events, now Barkrun, have completed several 10km races over the last 6 years including pushing myself for 1 half marathon race which I had said never again but now I’m tempted to try again. But really my biggest achievement is being able to push myself out of my comfort zone and getting out there all thanks to my dogs and canicross.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I have no specific plans but would love to break that 30 minute 5km mark again one day, along with maybe thinking about doing another half marathon. I think I will now always run 2 dog canicross since adding a second dog it’s just extra fun.

mel trevor running with two dogs attached to her down a canal path with a bridge in the background

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