Bev’s Monday Motivational Story

Tell us a bit about you and your dog/s

I have a retired obedience and rally 9-year-old beagle called Luco, and this year have had Zadie, a collie x lab from a local rescue, she is now 14 months old. I enjoy competing at low-level triathlons and have a pony I compete at TREC on. Zadie is full of life so after seeing a friend who had been to canitrekking with her dog I thought it seemed the sort of thing Zadie would enjoy.

Tell us a bit about your canicross experience so far…

I went for a 121 with Rachel at Chase Canicross, she was very knowledgeable and fitted us with all the equipment needed. Zadie loved it so we went on one of Rachel’s longer treks on Cannock chase which we both loved.

Tell us about how canicross has helped you and your dog/s and your biggest achievements

We are right at the start of our canicross journey, so far it has helped Zadie release her energy levels and kickstarted me to do more running. At 59 years old my biggest achievement was trying something new.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

Build up our fitness and distance.

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