Tracy’s Monday Motivational Story

Tell us a bit about you and your dog/s

Hi I’m Tracy, I’m 57 and started running 8 years ago when I decided to lose weight and do the race for life in memory of my Dad. I have 3 dogs now (I still can’t get used to saying this after recently losing my little lady who would have been 16 next month) so my boys are all rescues Pepe, Peanut and Ralph who is a GSP I run with. Pepe and Peanut are small with huge characters from a local dog rescue and Ralph came from a Serbian rescue.

Tell us a bit about your canicross experience so far…

I got Ralph initially as I’d hit menopause and it knocked my confidence running on my own. The plan was he would accompany on the fells. I went along to a canicross Manchester social run they lent me some kit as it was just before the Christmas period and they didn’t think I’d get any before the holidays. My presents that year were all canicross equipment from yourself. It soon became apparent that Ralph likes to run fast. We joined the World League Canicross virtual league and he has excelled in the sprint section. He has totally changed my running journey as I was an ultra runner.

Tell us about how canicross has helped you and your dog/s and your biggest achievements

Canicross gives me the confidence to run day or night wherever and whenever I want with my best friend. I got Ralph in the December before lockdown so we missed out on lots of racing but last season we competed at the Canicross Midlands events and were placed 3rd overall in the veteran category. This season due to a fall we have dipped our toes into bikejor which Ralph loves and recently at Locko Park we were first both days in novice wheels.

What are your goals and plans for the future?

I would love to race next year in France at the Trophee Sud Bourgogne. As long as I can keep us both injury free.

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