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How to Get Stronger for Canicross

An overview of Episode 12 of the Active Dog Podcast

Emily was joined in this episode by Louise Humphrey and Michelle Mortimer, experienced canicross instructors and creators of the “Run a Faster 5k” course. In this episode, they delve into the significance of strength training for canicross and share insights from their 11-week course.

Louise and Michelle’s background

Louise has many years of experience as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer and emphasised the seamless integration of strength training into her running routine. Michelle is a seasoned running coach and discussed their collaboration and the shared goal of creating a comprehensive course for runners.

Why strength matters in running:

Louise and Michelle both stress the importance of strength training for runners, particularly canicross participants. They elaborate on how building strength is crucial to supporting the body, preventing injuries, and enhancing overall performance. Louise, a Pilates instructor, highlights the positive impact of strength on posture and technique.

Course structure:

The “Run a Faster 5k” course spans 11 weeks and incorporates Pilates sessions that focus on bodyweight exercises. Participants are encouraged to dedicate approximately 10-20 minutes a day to the program, concentrating on gradual progress. The speakers discuss the variety of exercises designed to strengthen the core, which is essential for canicross participants who often experience pull from this area.

Community and accountability:

A pivotal aspect of the course is the creation of a supportive community within a private Facebook group. Here, participants can share their experiences, ask questions, and stay motivated. The speakers stress the importance of consistency, providing participants with a weekly plan, and fostering a sense of accountability.

Benefits of the course:

Participants in the course experience a range of benefits, including increased accountability, motivation, improved strength, and enhanced running performance. The course encourages runners to set and achieve personal goals while fostering a sense of community among participants.

Tips for canicross participants:

  1. Get Stronger: The speakers emphasise the importance of prioritising strength training to support the body and improve overall performance.
  2. Consistency: Participants are encouraged to dedicate time each day to either strength training or running to witness gradual improvement.
  3. Variety: Incorporating different types of training, such as long runs, speed work, and hill reps, is key to keeping the routine diverse and engaging.


Louise and Michelle advocate for canicross enthusiasts to invest in their strength and running skills, highlighting the positive impact on both physical and mental well-being. To join their course, visit Run a Faster 5k.

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