When we run long distances it is quite common for races to have jelly babies and biscuits and water stops so that you are hydrated and have food for energy when running. The one thing we see come up in forums quite a lot is about how to feed your dog when doing long distance runs.

So let’s go through a little bit of basic canine nutrition.

Humans take carbohydrates, break these down and turn them into energy. You will read a lot about how dogs don’t need carbohydrates and it’s a big argument for raw feeding and grain free kibble is about how dogs don’t need carbs so why do we feed them? Well in part it is a true statement. Whereas we use carbs for energy, dogs are build in a different way and they break down fats for energy. However they can and do still use carbohydrates!

So things to think about when feeding dogs that are going to be doing long distance running!