By The Science of Pet Nutrition

In a world of too many choices, it’s often easy and common to find yourself confused or even frustrated by the thought of what is truly the best food to feed your beloved canine(s). There are constant contradictions spanning all across the internet. It’s no wonder so many pet owners struggle with basic dietary choices. You read different versions of the same story, yet nothing ever seem to match, leaving you feeling hopeless and lost

How does one truly know what is good for their dog and how do they decipher the facts from opinions that currently engulf today’s internet. It can be hard, I won’t sugar coat it. Everyone struggles with deciphering what is “good” information, and what is “repeated” (inaccurate) information. Even the professionals sometimes get it wrong, but thankfully we have science on our side. So, with the help of science, I’m going to try to help ease your frustrated mind. I’ve decided to do a Q&A style article to make it easier in order to answer some of the more commonly asked questions, some commonly misunderstood ideas, and to hopefully shed light on canine diets as best I can: