If you buy or rescue a bitch puppy you will at some point have to deal with seasons. It is something all unspayed bitches go through and it appears more and more to be something that people don’t understand. A lot of accidental pregnancies happen because people believe the bitch is no longer in season, usually because she has stopped bleeding and then put her back in with the other males in the home. If a bitch stops bleeding, she has not finished her season. In fact this is when the danger zone starts!

As we are aware that this is something that people may have to deal with at some point, we thought it was worth doing a little article on how seasons work. Of course you can spay your bitch that will then stop seasons – but there are now three different types of spays you can pick from, so even spaying can be confusing. There is also the other risks associated with spaying, you can read a few of them here.