CBD oil is now being recommended online for almost anything with plenty of anecdotal evidence of how it benefits both behavioural and health. This study looked at the influence of CBD on behavioural responses to fear inducing stimuli in dogs. They had 16 dogs in a replicated 4×4 Latin square design experiment split into several groups, control (nothing was given to the dogs), 25mg CBD, trazodone and the combination of CBD and trazodone.

A fireworks model of noise induced fear was used to assess CBD effectiveness after 7 days of supplementation. Each test lasted 6 minutes and consisted of at least 3 minutes of environmental habituation with no noise and 3 mins with fireworks track played. Blood was collected one hour before, immediately after and one hour after, all testing for cortisol. All behaviours were recorded and hear rate sensors were fitted so they could track heart rate whilst the track was playing.