Bonos' Standard Canicross Line

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A standard length, strong line incorporating a grab handle for canicross when you might need extra control.
This is the longer version of the Bono line, so is a 2 metre (when stretched) strong canicross line made with 1000 kg tubular webbing and a marine solid core bungee with brass H/D snaps. The bungee in this line is tied, not stitched and the solid core is designed to last longer than normal fibre bungee due to it's rot resistance. There is a grab handle near the end of the bungee section for greater control if you come to a hazard such as a road or loose dogs. This line will comply with canicross race rules that require lines to be a minimum of 2 metres when stretched. PLEASE NOTE: This line is meant to be knotted so please do not undo the knots in the line, they hold the bungee in place. New colour for 2019: Available in Black with Red stripes only.
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