Dragrattan Multi Sport Harness

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The Dragrattan Multi Sport Harness is a unique style of harness with the traditional diamond shaped neck suitable for all breeds and all dog sports

Dragrattan have come up with this unique style of Multi Sport harness. It features the traditional diamond shaped neck opening and is padded to the middle of the dog where a belly strap rests to help prevent a dog backing out of the harness.

The back section then has a braided loop to attach your line to and this ensures the pull is directed along the dogs' body from underneath but doesn't slide around on your dogs' back if your dog moves to the side when running K9 Trail Time recommends this type of harness for all types of dog who want to take part in any of the dog sports of canicross, bikejor and dog scootering.

All sizes feature the Red webbing Colour of inset webbing tab is dependent on size as follows:

Size Colour Dogs Weight Neck opening (of harness)

0 White 10-14 kgs 40 cms

1 Yellow 15-17 kgs 42 cms

2 Red 18-21 kgs 44 cms

3 Blue 20-23 kgs 46 cms

4 Grey 23-27 kgs 48 cms

5 Black 26-30 kgs 50 cms

6 Gold 29-33 kgs 52 cms

7 Brown 32-36 kgs 54 cms

8 Green 36-40 kgs 56 cms

9 Purple 40-44 kgs 58 cms

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