Dragrattan Simple Canicross Belt

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The Dragrattan Simple Canicross Belt is a padded and adjustable canicross, skijor or walking belt.
The Dragrattan Simple Canicross waist belt is a more traditional belt for canicrossing, skijoring and walking your dog. The Belt spreads the strain through the thick padding, and the leg straps prevent the belt from sliding upwards, stopping any pressure on the runners back when the dog is pulling. You can attach your dogs' line to the brass clip on the front loop of the belt and the loop itself can be unclipped so you don't have to 'step in' to the belt to get it on. The Dragrattan Simple Canicross Belt comes in black material and is a one-size fits "all" and is adjustable from 75 cms - 125 cms around the hips or waist. K9 Trail Time recommends this belt for: Canicrossers or dog walkers who are looking for a comfortable padded belt for use every day. This belt is also suitable for larger waists NB This belt has NO integrated bungee (all bungee will come from the line sold separately)
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