Howling Dog Alaska - Canicross Starter Set with Distance Harness

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This Howling Dog Alaska Canicross Starter Set with the Distance Harness is the perfect way to get started in the sport of canicross with your dog.

Make a HUGE saving on the individual item prices with this Howling Dog Alaska canicross starter set with the Distance Harness. The canicross starter set is the perfect way to get started in the sport of canicross with your dog.

The set contains everything you need to hit the trails straight away and is comprised of:

1 - A Howling Dog Alaska Distance Harness in the size of your selection & choice of Red (pattern) Blue (pattern) Pink (pattern) Green (pattern) or Light Blur (pattern)

2 - A Howling Dog Alaska Bungee Line in your choice of Red (with Black) or Yellow (with Black)

3 - A Neewa Canicross Belt in Black

The Distance Harness

The harness is fully padded at the front - to increase your dogs comfort when pulling. The design of the Distance Harness takes in consideration the steeper line angle in canicross, bikejor and walking and while using this harness, the dog's pull force becomes more evenly distributed.

This harness is made out of 1 1/4 inch wide durable webbing featuring an eye catching design and reflective thread in the webbing for visibility in low light conditions.The body strap is adjustable.

The Distance Harness only reaches about 1/3 down the dog's body, which eliminates the pressure on the dog's hips therefore making this harness an excellent choice of a harness for any dog with lower back problems. Crabbing dogs (dogs running sideways) will straighten out too.

K9 Trail Time recommends this harness for dogs who like to pull out front and drop back by your side. It is an excellent choice for dogs who participate in a wide variety of activities as it is multi-purpose and suitable for a variety of breeds and sizes of dog.

For proper harness fit measure the dog's neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. And if you're not sure about the size go by the weight of your dog or contact us for help: [email protected]

Sizes: Neck size Dogs weight

•XXS 14 inches (20 - 29 lbs)

•XS 17 inches (30 - 39 lbs)

•S 18-19 inches (40 - 49 lbs)

•M 20 inches (50 - 59 lbs)

•L 22 inches (60 - 69 lbs)

•XL 23-24 inches (70 - 79 lbs

The Howling Dog Alaska Canicross / Bikejor / Skijor line is made out of the eye-catching Howling Dog webbing in either red or yellow and fitted with a bungee suitable for all dog sports but also general walking.

The built in bungee helps to absorb shocks from your dog unexpectedly "jerking" you around. The line is made out of one inch wide tubular webbing and it measures about 5 1/2 feet un-stretched. It features a strong bronze snap to attach the line to your dog and a handle to attach to your canicross belt or bike by looping it through on itself or with a caribiner, it can also be used for walking in the same way.

The Neewa Canicross Belt in Black

The Neewa Canicross belt is designed specifically for comfortable canicrossing. Made from heavy duty mesh and webbing this light weight belt ensures good extended pulling power with a pull point from low down on the hips. The belt also features a zipped pocket in the back for keys or poo bags. The front strap has a sliding ring to attach your line which can be adjusted in length, along with adjustable leg straps to keep the belt in place. One size fits all. Black colour only.

K9 Trail Time recommends this belt for: Canicrossers who are looking for a fantastic value, lightweight but hard wearing belt with a useful pocket. This belt has integral leg straps which keep the belt low on the hips and the pull away from the lower back. 

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