Howling Dog Alaska - Tough Skin™ Harness ULTRA

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The Tough Skin™ Harness ULTRA is an ultra-light and modern harness made out of a breathable and quick drying mesh fabric with a fully protective outer layer for added durability .
The Tough Skin™ Harness ULTRA is for those who like the Second Skin or Tough Skin harness, but need something even more rugged. This light and ultra-modern harness from Howling Dog is made out of soft mesh fabric but features a material shell protecting both the inside and the outside of the harness. This prevents any snags in the mesh material which makes up the padded element of the harness. The Tough Skin™ Harness ULTRA is very comfortable for the dog to wear and it is suitable for any activity where the point of attachment is higher or even with the dog’s back. This includes canicross, bikejoring, scootering, as well as sledding. The length of the Tough Skin™ Harness ULTRA (including the tug loop) is about the same as the length of a regular x-back harness. But unlike an x-back harness, the Tough Skin™ Harness ULTRA will relieve the pressure off the dog’s hips. Available in YELLOW Only For proper harness fit measure the dog's neck circumference half way between the usual collar position and shoulder blades. If you're not sure about the correct size, go by the weight of your dog or contact us for more help: [email protected] Sizes: •S 18.5-19 inches (40 - 49 lbs.) •M 19.5-20 inches (50 - 59 lbs.) •L 20.5-21 inches (60 - 69 lbs.) •XL 21.5-22 inches (70 - 79 lbs.) •XXL 22.5-23 inches (80 - 89 lbs.) See our video for fitting this harness here:
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