Non-Stop Running Belt (Childrens Size)

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The Non-Stop Running Belt is a lightweight, adjustable belt, designed by the Non-stop athletes for the comfort of child canicrossers

The Non-Stop Dogwear Running Belt (Childrens Size) has been developed by the Non-stop athletes to provide comfort when canicross racing by spreading the strain of your dogs' pull below the back and hips.

It also prohibits the belt from sliding upwards which would have put pressure on the runners back when the dog is pulling. The belt ring is facilitated to easily attach the running line to.

The Running Belt (Childrens Size) is designed specifically for children and is adjustable around the hips and legs.

K9 Trail Time recommends this belt for: Child Canicrossers (under the age of approximately 12) who are looking for the lightest design of belt with leg straps and featuring a small pocket for essentials.

This belt is perfect for racing and we love the sliding ring attachment point for the line which makes 'cornering' a smoother experience! NB This belt has NO integrated bungee (all bungee will come from the line sold separately)

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