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The Zero DC Short Sports Harness is an adjustable, multi-sport harness and the Short version of the Zero DC Long (Faster) Harness and is one of our best selling harnesses for all dog sports.

The very popular Zero DC Short Sports Harness, suitable for all dog sports, including canicross, bikejor, dog scootering, walking, hiking and swimming designed to allow freedom of movement suring these activities.

Fixed neck size (see size guide below) with adjustment on the girth strap around ribs for different sized dogs. This harness is the short version of the Long (Faster) harness and is perfect for dogs who prefer to run in shorter harness or whose measurements don't correspond to the Long version.

We have found this harness to be a best seller because of its adjustable girth, variety of colours and the fact it can be used for walking in addition to the sports of canicross, bikejoring and scootering.

K9 Trail Time recommends this harness for: dogs who perhaps do not always pull out in front but like to trot by your side too and dogs who cannot be sized for, or do not like running in a long harness.

Available in Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Turquoise, Green, Orange, Black/Bright Green, Black/Bright Orange, all colours with reflective taping.

Euro Short Harness size guide (if you have any doubts about sizing please e-mail: [email protected] first to get advice before ordering - we'll be happy to help! If your dog is between sizes we recommend selecting the smallest of the two sizes.

Neck = Just below the collar all the way around

Chest = The widest part of the chest all the way around just behind the front legs

Back = From the point of shoulders to the base of the tail

Size Neck in cms Chest in cms Back in cms

Mini I Neck 18 - 22 cms Chest 35 - 45 cms Back 18 - 22 cms (Breed Size Guide: Toy Breeds)

Mini II Neck 24 - 27 cms Chest 40 - 55 cms Back 22 - 27 cms (Breed Size Guide: Very Small Terriers & Toy Breeds)

SX Neck 27 - 30 cms Chest 45 - 65 cms Back 27 - 32 cms (Breed Size Guide: Small Terriers, Cocker Spaniels & Toy Breeds)

SL Neck 30 - 34 cms Chest 50 - 70 cms Back 32 - 40 cms (Breed Size Guide: Small Beagles, Spaniels & Medium Terriers)

S Neck 34 - 40 cms Chest 55 - 75 cms Back 38 - 50 cms (Breed Size Guide: Small Border Collies, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Beagles & Medium Spaniels)

S/M Neck 40 - 44 cms Chest 65 - 80 cms Back 45 - 55 cms (Breed Size Guide: Medium Border Collies, Small Siberian Huskies, Hounds & Large Spaniels)

M Neck 45 - 50 cms Chest 65 - 85 cms Back 55 - 65 cms (Breed Size Guide: Large Border Collies, Medium Hounds. Retrievers & Labradors)

L Neck 45 - 55 cms Chest 75 - 95 cms Back 55 - 65 cms (Breed Size Guide: Large Labradors, Hounds & Medium German Shepherds)

XL Neck 50 - 55 cms Chest 85 - 105 cms Back 60 - 75 cms (Breed Size Guide: Large German Shepherds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Small Malamutes)

XXL Neck 55 - 60 cms Chest 90 - 120 cms Back 60 - 75 cms (Breed Size Guide: Medium Malamutes, Mastiffs & Great Danes)

XXXL Neck 60 - 65 cms Chest 95 - 125 cms Back 75 - 90 cms (Breed Size Guide: Large Malamutes, Newfoundlands & Mastiffs)


See our video for fitting this harness here: How to measure your dog for a new harness

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