Ideally you will need a waist belt for yourself, a good fitting sports harness for your dog and a bungee line to connect you.

You will need a bike with good brakes for yourself, (plus helmet and gloves as a must!) a good fitting sports harness for your dog, a bungee line to connect you and an attachment to keep the line away from the wheel if it drops.

Every dog is different and so it is really difficult to suggest a perfect harness for your dog without knowing a few things about your dog and the way it moves naturally. Have a look at our harness consultation sheet to get a idea of what you should be looking for and contact us for specific recommendations at

Only if you are happy it will suit your dogs’ breed, shape and needs. What works perfectly for one dog will not work for another. We have 3 collie crosses here at K9 Trail Time who all work better in different style harnesses.

Running with more experienced canicrossers and having someone to ‘chase’ can help encourage your dog to pull out in front of you. We can help direct you to people who have formed canicross training groups in your local area.

Not if you train your dog to respond to voice commands and use a specific harness which your dog is allowed to pull in. You can choose to walk only on a collar and lead or use different harnesses for different activities, as long as you are clear in training your dog will understand the difference.

Left, right, slow down and speed up are the basics to teach and it is up to you what specific words you use to give these commands but it is important you are consistent with this.