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Alternatively the details below are what we need to make a recommendation, please send the answers to emilyt@k9trailtime.com

Your Dog’s Breed and Age
Neck measurement in cms
a) at the collar
b) at the base of the neck
Rib measurement in cms (widest part of chest behind legs)
Length in cms (back of neck to base of tail)
Weight of your dog in kilograms
Is your dog short or long coated?
What do you need the harness for? Ie, canicross/walking or canicross/bikejor
Does your dog mainly free run in ‘trot’ or ‘bound’ along?
In harness does your dog pull out in front of you, by your side or both?
Any other information you think would be useful for us to know? (Injuries/ dislikes ie hip problems or not liking things by tail)