We started our Ambassador programme in 2021 and we have recently appointed a number of new K9 Trail Time Ambassadors to help spread the word about canicross and being active with your dog

Our ambassadors are a group of like-minded people and their dogs who enjoy the great outdoors and promote positive training, patience, knowledge and understanding when taking part in any activity with your dog.


Steve Bienkowski

Steve and Banjo saying hi to everyone! I won’t bore you with the number of years I’ve been a runner. More importantly I just want to say that in all those years my last six Canicrossing have been the most uplifting. I grew up in Brighton for half my life and leaving behind the South Downs now live in Ascot enjoying the Forests and trails around Bracknell and beyond!

My grandchildren love banjo too and love nothing more than walks in the forest and would love to see them one day running with their own dogs.

Banjo my 3 year old Brittany faithful and I run with Berkshire Trail Runners and although they are not a Canicross group I encourage and advise those with dogs to bring them along and this has proved fun and enjoyable for the owners giving them a new outlook on their runs.

Interestingly during COVID there are now more owners out with their dogs and we meet a number of walkers and runners who enquire about Canicross when they see us or are interested in the harness or belt I am using. So we try to encourage and spread the word. K9 Trailtime and Emily are often our preferred choice to help newcomers.

We are proud to now be Ambassadors and look forward to this most exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with others! Please feel free to contact us

(Steve & Banjo)

Lucy Brook & Amy Whiteside 

We stumbled across canicross around 7 years ago while Googling things to do with our first husky, Miya. She took to canicross like a duck to water (or a sled dog to a harness sport!) along with our late collie Rosie.

Soon after that we were entering races, making new friends and enjoying the social side of race events!

Since then we’ve used canicross as a medium to introduce our other 2 rescue huskies, Lewis and Brokk, in to our household and welcomed a rescue husky pup, Inka into our home along the way.

4 years ago we started up Let Me Jog Your Dog, offering a canicross service to the owners of dogs in our local area. Emily has supplied us with all our equipment through out and given us some great advice on harness fitting.

We have some exciting plans to develop our little business in to other areas of harness sports including Canicross Taster Sessions and a Harness Fitting service so it’s a great opportunity for us to receive an invitation to be K9 Trail Time Ambassadors.

We’re based in the East Lancashire area of the North West and happy to be contacted via email at info@letmejogyourdog.co.uk or via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letmejogyourdog/

(Lucy, Amy & their pack)

Jo Browne

Hi I’m Jo, I started canicross in March 2018 with my Golden retriever Teddy, having never run before. Since then I have gone from 2 dogs and 5 dogs, 4 of which canicross. I also see several fosters through my door who are always tested for canisports. I started my own canicross running club early 2021 which covers Worcestershire, The Cotswolds and Gloucestershire. We are an incredible inclusive mad bunch of people who all love dogs and all love running. I’ve been to Emily’s at K9 Trail Time far too many times as my dogs changed shape and needed new harnesses. I’ve always been in awe of Emily’s knowledge in the world of canicross and have read many of her blogs and articles on her website. Looking forward to the new season, especially as last year was my busiest in terms of events and all but one of them got cancelled or postponed!! Bring on 2021/2022 season !! I would also love to get into bikejoring by the end of the year!

(Jo and a couple of her canicross dogs)

Lauren Burns 

Dawn Crook Richards

 I found canicross when I was handed a business card at a country fair for CaniX and thought that as I ran with my dogs I might give it a go. That business card sat on my PC for a year until I plucked up the courage and entered the event at Sence valley in sept 2007. I was soon hooked, and have travelled the length of the U.K. to compete. I have been CaniX championship winner in my class, travelled to Poland in 2011 to compete in the ECf championship, and finished 6th in my class in 2012 in the same. I’ve canicrossed a few marathons and completed several ultras. In 2017 I took over CaniX, and with husband Dave, now organise the largest pure canicross series of races in the U.K

(Dawn & her family)


Felicity Elder

 Hi I’m Felicity and my dog is Arty. We stumbled across canicross while out walking one day. With Arty being a serial picnic raider I thought wow that’s a brilliant idea. I wasn’t really a runner before had tried to but found it a bit boring. I have been running with Arty for 4 years and until this year used to also to complete at agility. Now we have started scent work as Arty needs brain exercise alongside physical. We used to be based in Bristol until about a year ago and run with Canicross Somerset but have since moved Up North to just south of York. We enjoy social runs but also just getting out into the vast countryside and exploring together. Happy to be contacted – email (fctelder@gmail.com or Facebook probably best)


Rachel Ferbrache

I’m Rachel Ferbrache and I live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. I run with my 2 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla’s and my daughter runs occasionally with my cocker spaniel.

I have set up Canicross Guernsey and have organised a couple of events.

Being an ambassador for K9 Trail Time will give me the boost I need to to encourage Canicross to grow in Guernsey

(Rachel & her dogs)

Lizz Fleming

Hi, I am Lizz, I am based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

I run a dog care business and have plenty of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I started running in 2015 and soon after discovered canicross when a friend told me to take my boy along. I went to see Emily fairly early to get him sorted and she has been my go to kit person ever since.

I got hooked and founded Canicross Coventry & Warwickshire as I struggled to find social and training runs I could get to, that fitted with my work hours.

My boy Bailey started my canicross journey when he was 8 and retired when he was 11. I am so lucky to have a fairly endless choice of dogs to run with as I run with client dogs, so he was able to step down happily.

Sadly he passed away Jan 2020, and while I didn’t want another, due to the world going crazy, we welcomed our pup to the family last year. He has just turned 1 but is very immature so there is no rush to get him running in harness yet.

Before a knee injury I was running regular social runs, always with the emphasis on having fun, being safe and educating on dog behaviour, where needed. I am hoping to start again this year. I fell out of love with competing after two seasons, but, in my own way enjoy the social side of racing so can often be found at Midlands races marshalling.

I am currently on the Canicross Midlands committee

I have been sending people to Emily for years as well as having a fairly substantial kit collection myself – I don’t think even Emily realised how much I have until last week! 

I am happy for people to get in touch with me via facebook, messenger or just calling 07999 534703. Always happy to talk dogs. 

(Lizz & some of her customers)

James Fuller

Great to be a part of the team!! Thought I’d introduce myself……..I’m James (Jimbo) and run with my 3year old cocker spaniel Sid’s, we also have a 12 month that will start running soon!! I met Emily a few years ago at Tri Dog where we both got kitted out and she has been super helpful ever since! I run with the Deepdale Doggers but have recently moved to Northampton! We have done a number of events finishing 2nd at Tri Dog canicross last year to Beachy Head marathon!

I can easily cover Northants, Beds, Bucks and can be contacted on 07956112900!!

(James & Sids)

Becky Harding

These are our four dogs, Mozi (greyster), Dill & Raven (Large munsterlanders) and Lily (springer x). We have been in the sport for 8 years now. The dogs have been very successful with my other half competitively. I think Dill is the only dog to have competed at every tridog event and he loves it! We have in the last couple of years started Canicross Lincolnshire to help get people into the sport and do more with those getting into the sport and less competitive stuff. We are lucky enough to be able to have kit from K9 Trail Time on sale at our runs!

Emily has put up with us for the last 7 years! She has always been incredibly patient and encouraging!

We spend a lot of time chatting Canicross on Instagram where we can be found @mallingdowndogs. All our antics and adventure go on there and we are always happy to help others get into a sport we love 

(Becky's 4 dogs)


Peter Howse

I’ve been mountain biking since they were first created in the 1980’s . When I got my GSD who pulled like a train I made up a arm and lead setup on the bike so we could go out together. I didn’t realise at the time this was actually a thing !! From there I competed in a couple of races held by Fullysussed down in Devon . Some how from that I now run the Newnham Bark race series near Plymouth , which is growing from strength to strength. From the beginning Emily has supported us above and beyond what you’d expect from a company and her advice and honesty is why I always recommend the K9 Trail Time 

(Pete bikejoring)



Lauren Rees

I have been canicrossing for some time, mainly due to my naughty terrier continually going to ground, in the end after a 3 hour panic with her stuck down a badgers set I swore I’d never let her off the lead again and her exercise became coming running with me!! We did our first race in 2016 and it sort of grew from there!!

I have 3 dogs, but only run with my Sprollie Zephyr now. I am a PT and run Canicross c25k courses and last year I opened a fitness bootcamp in mid Wales and ran a Canicross bootcamp weekend in November with hope to run more now hopefully restrictions are easing!

Hannah Reynolds

Hi everyone I’m Hannah and this is my gang of 4, rescues – Ernie (collie) rocket (lurcher) and willow (sprocker) and newest member of the gang Indi the greyster.

I am a dog walker by trade but also regularly train in mantrailing, tracking, scent detection, canicross and hope to do more bikejor when indi is old enough! I work my dogs because it helps me with my mental health and keeps them happy and healthy and build our bond!

We have done a few races but hope to enter more in the future! We regularly canicross 3-4 times a week and love it!

I met Emily a very long time ago when I first got Ernie almost 7 years ago! Little did I know it would lead me to 4 amazing canicross machines!

Happy to be contacted 

Active Animals on Facebook or Instagram 

(Hannah & her pack)

Susan Round 

Hi I’m Sue and I’m in the Black Country, but right on the Staffordshire Border. I am relatively new to Canicross, well running full stop after deciding at the ripe old age of 52 I needed to get fit. Seeing a canicross demo at Crufts 2018 planted a seed. 2 weeks later I went to a beginners session, not realising it was meant as a newbie to canicross not running. Well, I couldn’t walk for days but that spurred me on to do C25K and I decided to take my pointer Bracken on the journey with me.

I entered my first event 9 weeks later (Canix Fur Nations, Cannock) and ran all 3 days and I didn’t disgrace myself. 12 months I lifted the Veteran Woman Title at the event where it all started.

I have since gone on to compete in BSSF events, amongst others and in 2019 attended the Europeans in Belgium. I didn’t come back with a trophy just an extra dog.

Three years on, I am totally hooked, my pointer has retired but I run and bike with my springer cross Murphy and my young gun Sid a 2 year old ESD.

In addition to running, my husband and I do enjoy cani-trekking with the boys. We have just returned from a week walking in the Highlands where Sid tried his new Ramble harness (supplied by Emily). We also took the opportunity to meet up with fellow ambassador Jess Horth for a run on the beach (the dogs not us).

I am a founder member of Staffordshire Canicross and always look to offer support to guidance to anyone new to the sport. I always recommend K9 Trail Time the advice Emily has provided on kit for my boys has been invaluable.

I’m happy to be contacted via social media including Instagram @sue_brax or @sly_sid yes my ESD has his own page

(Sue & Sid)

Toria Seaton

(Toria & Sanka Bikejoring)

Claire Spencer

I’m Claire, I live near Basingstoke in Hampshire, I’ve currently got 5 dogs, 2 cats and a fish called Simon  I started canicross back in 2007 and Bikejor 2009 with my Irish Setters, a few years later I bought a scooter so I could run my two nutty kelpies together  I have represented UK both here and abroad in Bikejor and canicross. I don’t tend to Bikejor anymore and only use the scooter for training. I run most distances but prefer longer distances and completed my first 50K in the first lockdown. I’m a dog walker and also have run canicross classes in the past which I’m considering starting up again. I tried to start a group locally but never got any interest, it seems people would prefer to pay me  I’ve known Emily for a long time, before K9 Trail Time existed, Emily is responsible for most of my start line hangovers 

I’ve also got a pre teen daughter who used to be awesome at canicross now she’s just lazy 

(Claire's pack)



Lindsey Thurlow 

Hi I’m Lindsey Thurlow owner and founder of Watereatons dogs I breed and work my Korthals griffons and also run with them usually whilst fund raising for charity. I met emily 9 years ago when we first tried canicross and have always gone to emily for any advice re fitting of equipment looking forward to being part of the team and representing K9 Trail Time more than happy to be contacted

(Lindsey and one of her dogs canicrossing)



Duncan Wells

Hi I’m Duncan,started canicross about 4-5 years ago,the whole family canicross,we have 6 dogs(5 run),have competed at bssf in Bikejor,and the TDM in France,my daughter is current Uk number school child and 10th in Europe,we all love being out with our dogs.

Have known Emily for 3 years (great gin collection).

In Sussex with have a few kids who love running with pups,which is great for the sport.

Happy for people to contact me and meet up.

(Duncan's pack)

Aimee Witton 

Hello, I’m Aimee and I run with my 3 springer crosses. We run for fun, for the social side but also for fitness. I enter races because the dogs get a thrill from it.

We’ve been competing for 6 years but took up Bikejor/scooter 7 years ago. Canicross 4 years.

We met Emily at the beginning of our journey into this amazing sport. At one point my wage went between car, vets and K9 trail time 

Solomon is an odd shape and Emily’s expertise in harness fitting has helped no end.

Emily has always been a source of encouragement, support and an inspiration for everyone who follows K9 trail time.

So we’re happy to recommend her brand everywhere.

I also collect the evidence for K9 Trail Times virtual races.

(Aimee & Sol)