We started our Ambassador programme in 2021 and we have recently appointed a number of new K9 Trail Time Ambassadors to help spread the word about canicross and being active with your dog

Our ambassadors are a group of like-minded people and their dogs who enjoy the great outdoors and promote positive training, patience, knowledge and understanding when taking part in any activity with your dog.

Alison Attwood

Hello! I’m Ali and have been running with my dogs since 2016. The canicross community welcomed me with open arms in 2020. It’s fair to say the rest is history; I now have 4 lovely labradors and each of them run within their own capabilities.

K9 Trail Time has been there for us from the start, have kitted out all of our dogs and given us exceptional advice. We are so proud to be working with the business. 

Fiona Baker

Hi I’m Fiona and I own the dynamic duo Mable and Flora, my working cocker spaniels. My running journey started 8 years ago and fortunately, it was straight onto the trails. Initially, when Mable started running with me she had other ideas with her high prey drive getting the better of her and would run off. It was never going to work!! A good friend of mine introduced me to canicross and that’s when the penny dropped, I started canicrossing my dogs and haven’t looked back since.

I’m fortunate enough to be part of a couple of really lovely canicross groups, meeting some truly awesome people and dogs. Some have inspired me to take on, not just races, but endurance canicross challenges such as CaniUltra in Wales and Hope Valley Round in the Peak District. The camaraderie has been incredible with our common love for dogs, trail running and of course, snacks. I love nature and the outdoors, and going on adventures with the dogs is pure joy, finding new trails and navigating routes. 

Through my canicross journey and I have studied for months training to qualify as a canicross coach, and can help others who want to begin their journey too. I’m also an England Athletics Run Leader which aligns so well with the canicross coaching. I am based in Hertfordshire and have so many wonderful places to explore.

(Steve & Banjo)

Steve Bienkowski

Steve and Banjo saying hi to everyone! I won’t bore you with the number of years I’ve been a runner. More importantly I just want to say that in all those years my last six Canicrossing have been the most uplifting. 

My grandchildren love banjo too and love nothing more than walks in the forest and would love to see them one day running with their own dogs.

Banjo my 3 year old Brittany faithful and I run with Berkshire Trail Runners and although they are not a Canicross group I encourage and advise those with dogs to bring them along and this has proved fun and enjoyable for the owners giving them a new outlook on their runs.

Interestingly during COVID there are now more owners out with their dogs and we meet a number of walkers and runners who enquire about Canicross when they see us or are interested in the harness or belt I am using. So we try to encourage and spread the word. K9 Trailtime and Emily are often our preferred choice to help newcomers.

We are proud to now be Ambassadors and look forward to this most exciting opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with others! Please feel free to contact us

Lottie Birch

Hi I’m Lottie! I have two nutters/dogs, Oscar and Bramble. Oscar is my 5 year old black Labrador, and Bramble is a nearly 2 year older speed demon (springer). I started canicross a year ago and quickly got the bug.

As soon as I saw how much Oz loved it I was hooked. He just adores going out, and when we re-homed Bramble as a teenage spaniel with no recall or training it was the ideal thing to reduce some of the spaniel energy.

2022 Ambassador Profile Lucy & Amy
(Lucy, Amy & their pack)

Lucy Brook & Amy Whiteside 

We stumbled across canicross around 7 years ago while Googling things to do with our first husky, Miya. She took to canicross like a duck to water (or a sled dog to a harness sport!) along with our late collie Rosie.

Soon after that we were entering races, making new friends and enjoying the social side of race events!

Since then we’ve used canicross as a medium to introduce our other 2 rescue huskies, Lewis and Brokk, in to our household and welcomed a rescue husky pup, Inka into our home along the way.

4 years ago we started up Let Me Jog Your Dog, offering a canicross service to the owners of dogs in our local area. Emily has supplied us with all our equipment through out and given us some great advice on harness fitting.

We have some exciting plans to develop our little business in to other areas of harness sports including Canicross Taster Sessions and a Harness Fitting service so it’s a great opportunity for us to receive an invitation to be K9 Trail Time Ambassadors.

We’re based in the East Lancashire area of the North West and happy to be contacted via email at info@letmejogyourdog.co.uk or via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letmejogyourdog/

2022 Ambassador Profile Jo
(Jo and a couple of her canicross dogs)

Jo Browne

Hi I’m Jo, I started canicross in March 2018 with my Golden retriever Teddy, having never run before. Since then I have gained many more dogs, all of whom have canicrossed. I also see several fosters through my door who are always tested for canisports.

I started my own canicross running club early 2021 which covers Worcestershire, The Cotswolds and Gloucestershire.

We are an incredible inclusive mad bunch of people who all love dogs and all love running.

I’ve been to Emily’s at K9 Trail Time far too many times as my dogs changed shape and needed new harnesses. I’ve always been in awe of Emily’s knowledge in the world of canicross and have read many of her blogs and articles on her website.Since then I have gained many more dogs, all of whom have canicrossed.

Lauren Burns 

 Hi, I’m Lauren and I run with my two cocker spaniels, Jacob and Harry. We firmly believe that the best place to be in a race is at the back – we have met so many interesting people plodding along! 

I started canicrossing with Jacob in 2018 and we have made some great friends (dog and human) along the way. As soon as Harry was old enough, he joined our little team – we call him the reluctant runner though…he usually has to be coaxed out of bed in a morning but once we’re out he’s a little tank and absolutely loves his runs.

When we moved to Leeds in 2019, a chance message on Instagram from someone looking for people to run with led to the creation of Leeds Canicross, a social group which has gone from strength to strength since.  This year, I completed Canicross Coach’s run leader course which has really built my confidence in helping other people on their canicross journey. 

Jacob can be a little nervous around other dogs and we love the canicross community because everyone is so welcoming and is always happy to give us space when we need it. We are so excited to carry on as brand ambassadors and continue to spread the word about our sport! We’re on  Instagram @cat_meets_cocker where you can check out our adventures (and the all-important post-run snacks!)

Anne Carter

Hi I’m Anne Carter and I am owned by 2 crazy GSPs, Hendricks and Freddie, and a very nutty and nervous pointer cross, Lottie, and we are @pointless_racing.
I am a non runner that runs and my dogs have taken me from (less than!) 5km to half marathon races. I’ve been canicrossing for around 15 years and bikejoring around 5.
A recent move to Scotland has led me to explore new trails and race venues after a decade in the Midlands. I love just getting out and running with my dogs and really enjoyed being involved in Canicross Midlands which caters for everyone from beginners to elite competitors, before I moved.
Hopefully, I can get more people canicrossing locally! Emily has always been my ‘go to’ for equipment and advice and I love being part of the K9 Trail Time ambassadors and getting new dogs (and their people) into the sport. 

Lisa Chapman

Hi I’m Lisa – my life since owning Bodhi (red cocker) has become dogs, dogs and more dogs! Then we added Lyra (springer) to the mix  

Catch us out canicrossing with Rather Be Canicrossing or coaching through Crazy Dog Canicross or through courses which we run with Active Animals – we run anywhere from a mile upwards and completed the 30 mile ultra in March with plans to do it again in October 

Lindsay Collins

Hi, I’m Lindsey. I am a Canicross Coach and Run Leader at North Yorkshire Canicross.

I first learned about Canicross in 2017 when I was looking for a way to exercise my energetic but
arthritic spaniel, Charlie without him overexerting himself and causing lameness. Canicross enabled him to continue to burn off his energy in a controlled way and gave us the opportunity to share many wonderful hours and miles together.

I had never been a runner before, but quickly became rather addicted to the sport and, while Charlie is no longer with us, I regularly Canicross and Cani-hike with my four current spaniels – Seth, Arthur, Stanley and Peter. We love to run in groups as well as on our own and have completed many trail races together, from 5K to ultramarathons.

One of the things I love most about canicross and cani-hike is the opportunity to build a bond with my dogs. Being a Canicross Coach and a Run Leader enables me to support other people to build that same bond with their dogs and achieve their goals together, whether that be to run a particular distance, achieve a particular time, or simply to have fun and explore the countryside together.

Ellie Colman

Hi, I’m Ellie and I run with Blue who just turned 4. I started canicross nearly three years ago when I moved home after living up north for a long time. I was already a runner, but didn’t have a dog so started off borrowing my parent’s dog. Canicross quickly became my whole new way of life, motivating me through that final lockdown, getting me out exploring new trails, and helping me to make lots of friends who were similarly passionate about fitness and dogs. 

Unfortunately, my parent’s dog had to retire after around 6 months, but shortly after this I was introduced to Blue, my friend’s fabulous husky cross. Since then we haven’t looked back and have had so many adventures. We’ve raced in all different distances and competed at lots of weekend events and some night races. I prefer the longer distance even though Blue goes out with the same energy whether it’s short or long! This year, after training hard, Blue and I ran in a 24 hour event which was our biggest challenge yet. He ran all through the night with me and then decided I was alright to go it alone when the sun came up. He clocked an incredible 45 miles and kept me going in quite literally the darkest moments!

When we’re not canicrossing we can usually be found volunteering at parkrun and GoodGym, camping, hiking, paddle boarding and swimming. We’ve just added Bikejor to our list of hobbies too. Who knows what we’ll do next?! We’ve already tried a cocktail making class so it’s anybody’s guess where our next adventure might  lead! 

We are very excited to be part of the K9 Trail Time Team and look forward to sharing more of what we do our along the way.

Lucy Corboy

Hello! We are Lucy and Zena, and we live in Devon. I rescued Zena from Cyprus in 2021 and she was a very anxious dog, we started running at the end of the 2022/23 season with a local group and never looked back!! The confidence it has given Zena is unbelievable and running together is our happy place 🧡 We spend our runs along the South West Coastal Path and across Dartmoor 🌊🌾

This will be our first full season and we are really looking forward to filling our calendar with events, and meeting lots more like minded people (and their track star dogs!!) 🌟 
We are so excited to join the very knowledgable and friendly team at K9 Trail Time – I can’t wait to learn more about canicross and how to keep Zena happy, comfortable and in top form! 😁

2022 Ambassador Profile Dawn
(Dawn & her family)

Dawn Crook Richards

 I found canicross when I was handed a business card at a country fair for CaniX and thought that as I ran with my dogs I might give it a go. That business card sat on my PC for a year until I plucked up the courage and entered the event at Sence valley in sept 2007. I was soon hooked, and have travelled the length of the U.K. to compete. I have been CaniX championship winner in my class, travelled to Poland in 2011 to compete in the ECf championship, and finished 6th in my class in 2012 in the same. I’ve canicrossed a few marathons and completed several ultras. In 2017 I took over CaniX, and with husband Dave, now organise the largest pure canicross series of races in the U.K

Anne-Marie Davison

I am Anne-Marie and I am the human belonging to three canisport dogs. I first started canicross in 2014 as I’d read something about it in a book! I was never a runner and wanted to get fit but enjoy time with my dogs.

When I saw how much my dogs loved canisport, I became hooked on seeing their happiness and enjoyment. We began racing together for fun and competed at various events. 

Fast forward 5 years and a new dog joined our pack and canisport family.  I have continued to train and race all my dogs with my youngest racing Nationally and Internationally. 

I have my own local group who I’ve been working with and love seeing the moment when they realise what it’s all about and the fun they can have with their dogs.

I’m also involved with the BSSF and it gives me great pride to be able to give back to my sport where possible.

Working full time, I race as often as I can, so I am looking forward to seeing everyone out having fun this winter! 

Aimee DeVeaux

Hello, I’m Aimee and I run with my 3 springer crosses. We run for fun, for the social side but also for fitness. I enter races because the dogs get a thrill from it.

We’ve been competing for 6 years but took up Bikejor/scooter 7 years ago. Canicross 4 years.

We met Emily at the beginning of our journey into this amazing sport. At one point my wage went between car, vets and K9 trail time 

Solomon is an odd shape and Emily’s expertise in harness fitting has helped no end.

Emily has always been a source of encouragement, support and an inspiration for everyone who follows K9 trail time.

So we’re happy to recommend her brand everywhere.

Sabina Dunkling

Hi I’m Sabina and I’m based on South wales near Swansea. I started Canicrossing in 2014 with my German shepherd after we had done the couch to 5k together. Then we were addicted and have travelled all over the country running in races and meeting new people to run with.

I now run with my Kelpie cross German shepherd called Dingo and we have competed in 5k to ultra distances with a bit of tri dog thrown in too!  I am also a dog trainer and now a Canicross coach.

I recommend Canicross as a great sport for some of the dogs I work with and I specialise in helping people with dogs who are reactive or prone to over arousal Canicross.

I love being an ambassador as I can help people get the right kit for them and their dogs and start or continue on their journey to Canicross addiction!

Jen Ellard
Hi, I’m Jen and I run with Hugo and more recently Zara, the duo also known as Life as an Asbo.  We are very proud to have been chosen as an ambassador for the 2023-2024 Canicross season with K9 Trail Time.
Our Canicross journey started started around 5 years ago when we lived in Bristol and I took part in the sport on and off for a few years. However, it was a move to Gloucester 2 years ago that truly ignited my passion for the sport when I found K9 Trail Time and Rather Be Canicrossing and Hugo and I took part in our first Canix competition earlier this year. I have found a passion for trail running and the deeper bonds it has helped me forge with my dogs and so here I am today, I have finally found a sport that I love and crave to be good at.
I feel as though my journey goes beyond the love of running with my dogs because I also uncovered the incredible benefits of canicross for reactive dogs.  Both of the asbo’s have their individual reactive ‘quirks’ but having witnessed first hand the transformative power of canicross in helping reactive dogs build confidence, develop focus and resilience, I am hoping to spread the awareness of how great Canicross can be for these dog/human partnerships. 
We are definitely at the start of our Canicross journey but feel are in the best hands with K9 Trail Time. I am excited to share our journey with everyone and spread the word about the joys of canicross and its unique ability to enhance the lives of both humans and dogs. I hope to inspire other newbies to embrace the canicross lifestyle and discover the magic of running together in nature. 

Gillian Farrell

A little bit about us 

I volunteer dog walk for Cardiff Dogs Home. I took Bonny out and instantly fell in love. I wasn’t looking to adopt a dog, just happy to walk. 

The dogs home had an adoption event locally and I took Bonny. She had so much interest! On our walk back to kennels I realised that fate brought her to the kennels and I took her home that afternoon. 

We’re inseparable and best friends. If my dog can’t come I’m not going! 

We were introduced to Canicross by some friends and Bonny absolutely loves it (so do I) In our first year we completed an Ultra Marathon. We also hike together often and really love to be out in the mountains

Erin Fidler
My name is Erin and I started running in February 2022, as many do to start losing weight. As soon as I found canicross I was completely hooked. I went from not being able to run 100 metres without dying to having just ran my first marathon in July. 
I have 3 dogs. Honey is my little 3yr old cockapoo and an absolute canicross legend. I am so grateful to run with her and represent all the smaller dogs. She is an all-rounder and we do canicross, agility, bikejor, paddleboarding and swimming.
Ferdie is my 1.5yr old GWP and she is a big goofball. She has taken to canicross beautifully and the PBs keep coming with her so we’re very excited to start competing in the new season. 
I also have Barbie, a 9yr old Goldendoodle, but she has no interest in sports whatsoever! 
We are really excited to be brand ambassadors for a company that is all about keeping active dogs happy and that offer such a good range catering for all breeds small and large. 
You can find us on Instagram as @canicrosswithhoney

Jon Fine

I’m Jon, and live in the New Forest with my family and 2 dogs, Ralph 5yo Lab and Mollie 3yo GWP.

I’ve been running and competing with Ralph for the past 4 years now, I’ve always been into running and always wanted a dog as a running mate but wasn’t aware of canicross or dog sports when I started.

We joined our local canicross group and now can’t get enough of it. Ralph loves to run and can literally go all day. Canicross has given us both so much and we love the community around the sport.

This is a photo from Tri Dog last year, which may well have been his best day ever!

(Lizz & some of her customers)

Lizz Fleming

Hi, I am Lizz, I am based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

I run a dog care business and have plenty of experience with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

I started running in 2015 and soon after discovered canicross when a friend told me to take my boy along. I went to see Emily fairly early to get him sorted and she has been my go to kit person ever since.

I got hooked and founded Canicross Coventry & Warwickshire as I struggled to find social and training runs I could get to, that fitted with my work hours.

My boy Bailey started my canicross journey when he was 8 and retired when he was 11. I am so lucky to have a fairly endless choice of dogs to run with as I run with client dogs, so he was able to step down happily.

Sadly he passed away Jan 2020, and while I didn’t want another, due to the world going crazy, we welcomed our pup to the family last year. He has just turned 1 but is very immature so there is no rush to get him running in harness yet.

Before a knee injury I was running regular social runs, always with the emphasis on having fun, being safe and educating on dog behaviour, where needed. I am hoping to start again this year. I fell out of love with competing after two seasons, but, in my own way enjoy the social side of racing so can often be found at Midlands races marshalling.

I am currently on the Canicross Midlands committee

I have been sending people to Emily for years as well as having a fairly substantial kit collection myself – I don’t think even Emily realised how much I have until last week! 

I am happy for people to get in touch with me via facebook, messenger or just calling 07999 534703. Always happy to talk dogs. 

Daniel Floyd
Hey all, I’m Dan and this is my loopy spaniel Mylo.
We love to run, swim walk, train and anything that involves being outdoors together.
Mylo’s not a great pulling dog but he’s done 18 miles over the peak district and we can regularly be found pacing 18mins at our local Parkrun but Mylo’s best time is 16.50 😁
I’d love to do some canicross racing but I find them difficult to find and difficult due to the double day events. However, this year we’re determined to do some races…. 
Mylo has his own Instagram @Mylo_in_Lichfield

Louise Forde

Hi, I’m Louise (or Lou). I am a Canicross Coach for Coventry and surrounding areas. With my fiancée I run a dog walking business called Carnie Walks, with a focus on providing services for active dogs. We specialise in longer walks than other companies in our area, and also offer running as an option for our more active clients.

I started canicrossing in 2017, with my lurcher Chloe. She was crazy and walks just weren’t cutting it to tire her out. I was told she needed a job to help stimulate her, and then someone suggested we try canicross. It was fantastic, she really enjoyed herself and as she continued to enjoy it, I began to enjoy seeing her develop. It really helped strengthen our bond and give us something fun to do together and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Colleen Fotherby

Hi! I’m Colleen, better known on Instagram as @canicross_adventures, and I live in North Yorkshire with our three dogs – Rua, Murphy and Magnus. Murphy is my main canicross dog and we have competed in every distance from 5km at the nationals, to marathons and beyond.

Magnus is a young eurohound and will be starting his training soon which is very exciting. Rua the boxer is the dog that started my love of canicross but is now happily retired. As well as canicross we love hiking, paddleboarding, and weekends away in the camper. I’ve also just recently got started in the world of scooterjor! 

2022 Ambassador Profile James
(James & Sids)

James Fuller

Great to be a part of the team!! Thought I’d introduce myself……..I’m James (Jimbo) and run with my 3year old cocker spaniel Sid’s, we also have a 12 month that will start running soon!! I met Emily a few years ago at Tri Dog where we both got kitted out and she has been super helpful ever since! I run with the Deepdale Doggers but have recently moved to Northampton! We have done a number of events finishing 2nd at Tri Dog canicross last year to Beachy Head marathon!

I can easily cover Northants, Beds, Bucks and can be contacted on 07956112900!!

Gem Gallant

Hi I’m Gemma and I live on the boarder of Devon and Cornwall with my 3 dogs. 

My old beagle is now retired from canicross (competitively) but still likes the occasional plod out with me. 

Our cocker tried canicrossing but actually prefers to free run and is an epic trail dog on the mountain bike! 

My newest addition is my springer and is the most accident prone dog I’ve ever had but she is my little pocket rocket. She gives 200% in everything she does and absolutely loves any challenge I set her whether that’s in canicrossing or any other discipline. 

I work with dogs most of the week and have directed many customers in K9 Trail Time’s direction and have complete faith in their knowledge and advice. 

Anna Galvin

Hi, I’m Anna and this is my trail partner Nubi. I adopted Nubi last November so we’re at the beginning of our canicross journey.

I’m an ultra runner so was searching for the perfect dog that could accompany me on my long trail runs and enjoy them as much as I do and I’ve certainly found that with Nubi, she’s the best company.

Suzanne Hale

Hi everyone, I’m very excited to be part of the team! I’ve been involved with dog training, competing and judging since 2001, mainly through Agility, Rally, Flyball and Good Citizens, but I also enjoy running with my dogs as a hobby (and may be tempted to compete!).

I’m currently based in West Wales where I work from my smallholding as a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist and Agility Trainer. I share my life with my partner and 5 wonderful dogs (3 Bearded collies and 2 Border Collies) plus a few chickens and occasional sheep!

You can find pictures of my gang – Ivy, Zoe, Quince, Dara & Tally on Instagram @barkingneeds

Franziska Hannemann

I‘ve been canicrossing for 5+ years accompanied by various wonderful dogs.

Since my boy Mocha turned 1 last year we have slowly been building up our distance and are now enjoying long coastal runs and other epic adventures together.

We have a few interesting events ahead of us, too! As ambassador for K9 Trail Time we would love to take you along with us, virtually.

2022 Ambassador Profile Becky
(Becky's 4 dogs)

Becky Harding

Hi everyone, we have four dogs, Mozi (greyster), Dill & Raven (Large munsterlanders) and Lily (springer x). We have been in the sport for over 10 years now. The dogs have been very successful with my other half competitively. I think Dill is the only dog to have competed at every tridog event and he loves it! We have in the last couple of years started Canicross Lincolnshire to help get people into the sport and do more with those getting into the sport and less competitive stuff. We are lucky enough to be able to have kit from K9 Trail Time on sale at our runs!

Emily has put up with us for the last 9 years! She has always been incredibly patient and encouraging!

We spend a lot of time chatting Canicross on Instagram where we can be found @mallingdowndogs. All our antics and adventure go on there and we are always happy to help others get into a sport we love

Jen Harding

Hi! We’re Jen & Rain, we live in Cardiff Bay & we’re so happy to be ambassadors for K9 Trail Time! 

I’ve been running for a few years, & just started over the last several months to introduce Rainy to canicross. Rain is a 3 year old red merle & tan border collie.

Rain is very mischievous, & she loves playing ball & walkies in the forest. She can also be quite an anxious & reactive girl, but when she runs she seems to forget her worries, block out distractions & focus on running!

We’re still very new to our journey & have done a few events. We are looking forward to training more, getting to know the canicross community & taking part in more events (when the weather cools down!). 

You can follow our adventures @rainy.day.dog! 

Jules Heyhoe

Hi, I’m Jules. I have always loved the outdoors and achieved my BSc degree in Outdoor Studies and Sport before becoming a primary school teacher in 2003. I started running in Autumn 2018 to keep up with my two very active children. I found it really tough but I persisted as it provided natural pain relief from fibromyalgia and hypermobility. It also improved my personal well-being and mental health.
After running with Molly (Sprocker) for two years, Amber (cocker) joined us and soon took to running after never being walked on a lead or harness before. In September 2021 we fell in love with Waffle (foxhound/ beagle cross) at Dogs Unleashed where we met her with Foxhound Welfare UK so two became three and the dream team was formed.
All three dogs have taken part in Canix events and have loved every second. I’m unlikely to win any races but I run purely for the fun of it. My biggest achievement to date is completing the Virtual London Marathon in October 2021 with my dogs who completed a third each but would have run the whole thing if I had let them.
I have found canicross a great way to form a close bond with all of my dogs and burn off some of their never-ending energy. I am now looking forward to my new adventure as a canicross coach for my business ‘Nose and Paws Active Limited’

Lea Hornyik

I’m Lea and this is my partner in crime, Uzzy. He’s a 2 years old working line border collie who goes absolutely nuts when it’s about canicrossing, hiking or just generally spending time outside and playing. He would do anything and beyond to please me, he is the dog I’ve always dreamt of! 

 I’ve never been a good runner but canicross taught me that it’s not about your pace but more about pushing your limits and enjoying the time spent outside with your 4 legged friend. I always say my dog deserves a better runner, but I know i can be ‘that’ better runner if I want to! 

I am originally from Hungary, but I feel very lucky that we live now in the South of England close to the New Forest and also the beach, because Uzzy loves to spend his time swimming in the sea or walking in the forest. We usually do loads of other stuff in our freetime, including paddleboarding, agility and we’ve just started flyball. 

I feel very pleased to join the ambassador team because in my opinion having the proper gear for dogsports is essential, it can cost your and your dog’s health. 

2022 Ambassador Profile Pete
(Pete bikejoring)

Peter Howse

I’ve been mountain biking since they were first created in the 1980’s . When I got my GSD who pulled like a train I made up a arm and lead setup on the bike so we could go out together. I didn’t realise at the time this was actually a thing !! From there I competed in a couple of races held by Fullysussed down in Devon . Some how from that I now run the Newnham Bark race series near Plymouth , which is growing from strength to strength. From the beginning Emily has supported us above and beyond what you’d expect from a company and her advice and honesty is why I always recommend the K9 Trail Time 

2023 Sam Hudspith Ambassador Announce Instagram Post

Sam Hudspith

I’m Sam, I own 3 wonderful dogs called Fern, Ivy and Moss. I started canicross in November 2021, I knew Fern being a collie X kelpie needed a job! I’d never been into running but as soon as I tried canicross with Fern it completely changed my mind! The best part was seeing how much she enjoyed it! I’ve since got another 2 dogs, Ivy a cocker spaniel who absolutely loves running and Moss another collie X kelpie, he’s still young so has only just started learning the basics! We take part in lots of other sports and activities such as agility, flyball and long hikes! We’ve completed various races all over the UK from 5k to 50k! We’re looking forward to the season starting as we’ve got lots of exciting races planned!

Louise Humphrey

Hi, I am Louise.  Pickle my black lab and I started Canicrossing about 3 ½ years ago.  When it became obvious Pickle had a high prey drive and had failed gundog school.

We came across Canicross via Twitter, booked a taster session with someone local and didn’t look back. Pickle loves it, focusing and creating a great bond between us.  We have raced now for the last 2 seasons in the Veterans, who knew I was still so competitive after all this time!

I qualified as a Canicross Instructor 2 years ago and started my own business www.paws4running.co.uk in the Leicestershire area.  Offering taster sessions, social runs, and Beginners courses.

Canicross has become a big part of Pickle and our lives and businesses.  I am co-host of the podcast Canicross Conversations which is the leading Canicross and Cani-sport podcast, talking all things running, dog and human health.  Find us on all your normal podcast apps.

If that wasn’t enough I am also a Pilates instructor and have taught for over 24 years.  I specialise in Pilates for Runners, helping runners get stronger, reduce the risk of injury and keep running for as long as they can.  Do come and check me out at www.studio44pilates.com

Katie Ings
Hi, I’m Katie and I own two crazy Spaniels, Gunner & Dottie. 
I got introduced to Canicross in 2021 and haven’t looked back since. From being a complete non-runner, we are now aiming for a half marathon within the next year and we love taking part in challenges and races across the country, we are really looking forward to the season ahead! I couldn’t do it without the best team mates you could ask for though, of course! They put 110% in every single time and their enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. I couldn’t be where I am on this journey without them.
Canicross has changed my life in many ways, it has not only made me physically stronger but mentally too and I love advocating for this wonderful sport. The Canicross community has always been incredibly supportive towards us and we love meeting you all! 


Last year was our first canicross season and we loved it! Canicross entered our life shortly after we adopted Lhotse in Jan 2022.
Lhotse was overweight and in need of a “job” to do to keep him focused and entertained. Fast forward 18 months, you’ll regularly find us running through the hills come rain or shine!
We have shaved 5 mins off our 5k time and have grown a bond that is like no other! 
Lhotse is excited to be a returning K9 Trail Time ambassador for the 2023/24 season. 
To follow our story check out @lhotse_lab_pointer

Alexander Mathers

Hi everyone, I’m Al and I run with Erik my 6 year old Border Collie and Daisy a 3 year old GSD. We are located in North Eastern England straddling the North Yorkshire and County Durham area and run with Richmondshire Canicross. 
I am an Army Officer by profession and after many years of competitive orienteering I accidentally discovered the world of canicross approximately 4 years ago. Since then we have raced at various locations across the UK (Erik is very competitive) and I have gained certified canicross coach status and also become a canine emergency first aider. 
I enjoy canicross because of the sheer enjoyment the sport gives me, the closeness and friendliness of the canicross community and above all because I know my dogs absolutely love doing it. I am proud to be recognised as an ambassador for @K9 Trail Time and if anyone in my locality would like to reach out for advice or join us anytime for a social run, you can find me on Facebook @richmondshire canicross or on Instagram @ten_legged_running_machine

Hannah McPeake

Hi , my name is Hannah and I own Axel who is an 18month old Wired Haired Vizsla. He is just starting his Canicross career as he is very big so has been given time to grow and develop. Earlier this year Axel was diagnosed with epilepsy however this hasn’t stopped him being active and having fun. His epilepsy is managed with medication and he has now been given the all clear to start his canicross training.

I am an Ultra Marathon runner and I chose Axel knowing a Vizsla would make an ideal training partner. We have recently started bagging Munros and Wainwrights which have lead to some incredible adventures. I have never done canicross before but I’ve entered us into our first 5km race in September and I’m looking forward to a new challenge. 

Rosie Morrow

I’m Rosie, I’m a military working dog handler and I’m currently working towards my level 5 diploma in canine behaviour management. 

I have two dogs, Finn (Staffordshire bull terrier cross) and Nox (a Caucasian shepherd cross – a real supermutt!) 

A friend introduced me to canicross back in 2020 and once I realised how much it was helping Finn, who was very nervous of the outside world, I was hooked! I only adopted Nox a few months ago, so she’s still learning the ropes, but excited to do some races with her. 

We have made some great friends and had loads of great experiences thanks to canicross. 

Michelle Mortimer

Michelle and Poppy first discovered canicross 5 years ago, after Michelle rescued Poppy, and realised that, as a prey-driven sighthound, she was a flight risk. As a reactive, anxious former street dog, canicross helped Poppy to grow in confidence, and bond with Michelle, and gave Michelle a safe way to exercise her, without fear of her chasing all the sheep and deer on the West Pennine Moors.

There wasn’t anybody to advise to Michelle on canicross running and kit local to her, so she decided to train up as an instructor herself, and she now runs taster sessions, social canicross runs, and kit fittings in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area.

Michelle is also a UK Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, working with athletes across the UK, and abroad, targeting races or looking to improve – and enjoy – their running. She has been coaching for many years, and now specialises in endurance road and trail running.

You can contact Michelle via her website www.mileswithmichelle.co.uk or via Instagram @mileswithmichelle Twitter @mileswithshell and Facebook @mileswithmichelle

Sara Nunney

I’m Sara and I’m based in Shropshire and I fell into canicross 7 years ago.

My young rescue, Bumble needed more exercise than my older dog and since I felt guilty leaving him at home, we would jog with an almost outgrown puppy harness and a borrowed waist hiking belt.

I had no intention of competing and I assumed I would be laughed off the course with a 9kg terrier. We went to our local parkrun and in one 5km “race” Bumble went from nervous and confused to a tiny bit feisty racing demon!

Since then, as well as upgrading our kit, we have gone on to race both nationally and internationally. We have been helped, supported and welcomed by almost everyone we have met along the way and I have rather fallen into running solo as well!

In January 2022 our team was joined by Ralph, a rescue GSP cross farm lurcher. Under Bumble’s expert guidance he has taken to it like a duck to water – we just love to run!

Outside canicross we can be found exploring the countryside and trying to be brave bike and do some bikejor training!

If anyone is local and fancies a run/ hike any time let me know, always keen to meet dog sports/ training enthusiasts. IG: @nunneysontherun

Rob Osment

Hi everyone- I’m Rob and this is my best pal Benji. We are based in Weston-super-Mare and we have been canicrossing for about 15 months.

We like to run on the Mendips and get out with the Canicross Somerset group when we can, although not been able to recently. Benji loves all his running kit from K9 Trail Time, he gets super excited when he sees the harness come out!

So delighted to be part of the K9 Trail Time team and linking up with you all

Gareth Powell

Running was never a passion of mine. It’s always been something that, even at my heaviest and least fit I have been able to do! Honestly to look at me you would think I would struggle but my ability to put miles behind me is genuinely surprising, even after long lay offs with that being said when lockdown hit and the lack of team sports I found myself struggling to keep up with any sort of fitness routine. That’s when I discovered canicross, a sport that involves running with your dog. And let me tell you, it has been a game-changer for me.

My journey started with my first dog, Lumos. We began by running together before completing several virtual races, starting with the Red Kite an out and out 5K run and then on to The Poison Apple and Man vs Lakes virtual, which we completed in splits over a few days, and I was amazed at how much fun it was to run with Lumos he took to it quickly and picked up my oxygen depleted commands with ease. We also participated in Runstock virtual, where we completed 25k over a weekend. These virtual races were a great way to stay motivated and connected with other runners during lockdown.

Unfortunately, Lumos passed away, and I took a long layoff from running. But then, I met my new running partner, Loki. It took me a year or so but he has reignited my passion for running and helped me restart my canicross journey. We recently completed 30 miles for Great Ormond Street Hospital in their Janurun fundraising event which kickstarted my fitness journey. It was an incredible experience, and I’m so grateful to have found a new running partner. Since then we have gone out on regular runs, trained for Barry 10K and I have purchased new gear in an effort to drive myself on further along with starting my Instagram page @fat.dads_fit.club in order to help and inspire people to start their fitness journey and show that exercise, no matter how it’s done, is for everyone and not just reserved for oiled up “influencers” with 5% body fat.

Claire Radtke

Hi, I’m Claire and my two Doodle running partners are Dexter and Molly. Dexter is 4 and has been canicrossing with me for 3 years. Molly joined in a year ago, loves running and I am looking forward to seeing her develop her canicross and bikejoring skills this season.

I love the inclusive nature of canicrossing, how people of all ages and abilities can participate and get enjoyment from the sport.  It is something that my 15 year old son and I can enter events/races together but it is also something that my other son, who has severe learning difficulties, can join in with by cani-walking or being pushed in his buggy while shouting for us to ‘run faster’ (see picture).

I am excited to be an ambassador for K9 Trail Time to encourage others to join this amazing sport.

Lauren Rees

I have been canicrossing for some time, mainly due to my naughty terrier continually going to ground, in the end after a 3 hour panic with her stuck down a badgers set I swore I’d never let her off the lead again and her exercise became coming running with me!! We did our first race in 2016 and it sort of grew from there!!

I have 3 dogs, but only run with my Sprollie Zephyr now. I am a PT and run Canicross c25k courses and run regular Canicross bootcamp weekends through LVR Core Fitness.

2022 Ambassador Profile Hannah
(Hannah & her pack)

Hannah Reynolds

Hi everyone I’m Hannah and this is my gang of 4, rescues – Ernie (collie) rocket (lurcher) and willow (sprocker) and newest member of the gang Indi the greyster.

I am a dog walker by trade but also regularly train in mantrailing, tracking, scent detection, canicross and hope to do more bikejor when indi is old enough! I work my dogs because it helps me with my mental health and keeps them happy and healthy and build our bond!

We have done a few races but hope to enter more in the future! We regularly canicross 3-4 times a week and love it!

I met Emily a very long time ago when I first got Ernie. Little did I know it would lead me to 4 amazing canicross machines!

Happy to be contacted 

Active Animals on Facebook or Instagram 

Savannah Roskell

Bagel and I found our love for Canicross around 9/10 months ago. I first saw Canicross on Instagram after seeing some accounts sharing their experiences. The more I watched, the more I googled and the more I wanted to try it myself. I have always loved running since I was young and was often in and our of running clubs.

However since getting Bagel it really got me back into it. He is the best (and fastest) PT I know! Pre-Canicross I used to run with Bagel (and tried encouraging him to run) by my side, I did this because I now know I did not have the correct equipment as the running belt I used, hurt my back when Bagel pulled.

However, once I started researching and learning about Canicross, and using the correct equipment, I learnt that Bagel could run in front and *pull* me safely. Together we have completed some competitions already and have some booked for this autumn and winter. While researching canicross I found some local facebook groups and as a result created my own group of runners who I regular go out trailing with!

As I have already mentioned we love hiking and have recently done a bit of paddle boarding. We used to do a bit of flyball but this became too strict and often required me to train on weekends which as shift worker I could not commit. Which is another reason why I love Canicross, there is no strict regime for times or schedules it’s just me, Bagel and the trails!

Another sporting activity we picked up during the start of the year was mantrailing! We picked this up while Bagel was recovering from an injury, and we wanted to focus on a low impact sport that would also keep his brain occupied. Again, another new sport for us which we have had to explain to our friends and family as I believe like canicross it isn’t that wildly known!

Follow us on insta! ➡️@ribblevalleywhippet

(Sue & Sid)

Susan Round 

Hi I’m Sue and I’m in the Black Country, but right on the Staffordshire Border. I am relatively new to Canicross, well running full stop after deciding at the ripe old age of 52 I needed to get fit. Seeing a canicross demo at Crufts 2018 planted a seed. 2 weeks later I went to a beginners session, not realising it was meant as a newbie to canicross not running. Well, I couldn’t walk for days but that spurred me on to do C25K and I decided to take my pointer Bracken on the journey with me.

I entered my first event 9 weeks later (Canix Fur Nations, Cannock) and ran all 3 days and I didn’t disgrace myself. 12 months I lifted the Veteran Woman Title at the event where it all started.

I have since gone on to compete in BSSF events, amongst others and in 2019 attended the Europeans in Belgium. I didn’t come back with a trophy just an extra dog.

Three years on, I am totally hooked, my pointer has retired but I run and bike with my springer cross Murphy and my young guns Sid and Uhtred.

In addition to running, my husband and I do enjoy cani-trekking with the boys. We have just 

I am a founder member of Staffordshire Canicross and always look to offer support to guidance to anyone new to the sport. I always recommend K9 Trail Time the advice Emily has provided on kit for my boys has been invaluable.

I’m happy to be contacted via social media including Instagram @sue_brax or @sly_sid yes my ESD has his own page

Ian Scott

Myself and Oatley my 2-year-old Brittany.

We are very new to canicross. And have only taken part in a few events. Which we did ok at so looking forward to doing a few more. From my triathlon back ground I thought I would take this opportunity to keep this high energy bundle of fluff as active as possible. As Oatley spends 90% of his walks hunting which is great but I spend lots of the walk hunting him 😆.

Canicross is quite tricky when you spend most of it hunting at the same time. 

I look forward to being part of the K9 Time Trial Team.

2022 Ambassador Profile Toria
(Toria & Sanka Bikejoring)

Toria Seaton

I’ve been canicrossing & bikjoring since 2013 with my spaniel team and since 2021 I have been a Clinical Canine Massage Therapist with the Canine Massage Guild since, I set up Wonky Dog Therapy to support dogs with massage.

I am proud to be a K9 Trail Time Representative & Ambassador and I wrote and deliver the Ofqual Level 3 Award in Canicross Coaching as an iPET Network Training Provider with Emily & Dawn Crook-Richards of CaniX.

Lucy Sinnot

Hi, my name is Lucy an I’m based in Essex.

I started canicrossing with my rescue spaniel Ozzie 5/6 years ago, after I retired him from Agility, it wasn’t his thing but I still wanted to do something together. A friend suggested Canicross which at the time I’d never heard of. I’ve run half marathons and even a marathon but Canicross was a whole new world. And to this day I’ve never looked back. 

I joined our local Canicross team, Tailrunners SE Essex and what an amazing like minded group of people and I’m so glad I did. Some of my closest friends are now through the club, making memories together. 

2 years ago, Kiwi a working cocker spaniel joined the family, sadly I broke my leg end of 2022 so she’s not had much of a run out just yet but the couple of runs she has had, my gosh she may be small but she is a power house for sure.  We were lucky enough to meet Emily at an Agility show where Kiwi was able to get refitted for her harness, sharing her knowledge and I’m very grateful for this. Also in the house our my housemates two collies Pheboe and Badger who think Canicross and bikejor are the best things in the world and make it known vocally. 

Happy for people to reach out and meet up if in the area for club runs. Canix_agility_spaniels

2022 Ambassador Profile Claire updated
(Claire's pack)

Claire Spencer

I’m Claire, often known as Claire Dave, I’ve been doing canine harness sports for over 15 years. I’ve represented GB several times in both Canicross and Bikejor and currently lead the Furnations England Team.

I mostly choose feet over wheels these days, preferring longer distances, I have completed several marathons, half marathons and an ultra with and without dogs. I work as a dog walker and offer Canicross for client dogs.

I hold a leadership in running qualification and also teach Canicross. Having owned high maintenance rescue dogs for many years I know how much harness sports help for a harmonious household that is why I’m passionate about getting others active with their dogs.

2022 Ambassador Profile Lindsey
(Lindsey and one of her dogs canicrossing)

Lindsey Thurlow 

Hi I’m Lindsey Thurlow owner and founder of Watereatons dogs I breed and work my Korthals griffons and also run with them usually whilst fund raising for charity.

I met Emily over 10 years ago when we first tried canicross and have always gone to Emily for any advice re fitting of equipment I enjoy being part of the team and representing K9 Trail Time & more than happy to be contacted

Lucy Tugwell

Hi, I’m Lucy and I run with my gorgeous Hungarian Vizsla, Reuben.

We are based in South Warwickshire and have been Canicrossing for 2 and a half years. Canicross is the perfect way for us to keep active together. We love going on adventures, finding new trails, getting wet and muddy, exploring the countryside and it is great for Reuben’s high prey drive.

Last year I qualified as a Canicross Coach in the first cohort of the only Ofqual regulated course and subsequently set up Cani Adventure Dogs to help encourage and educate others how to run safely with their dogs.

Cani Adventure Dogs specialise in 1:1 coached sessions and training plans. I particularly like working with reactive, nervous or anxious dogs who may need a bit more space and time and with people who want to develop their confidence, skills and increase their bond with their dog.

I always recommend everyone buys everything Canicross related from Emily at K9 Trail Time as I am confident they will receive the best advice and well tested, correctly fitting equipment. I also love their positive hard working ethos and motto, ‘Active Dogs Are Happy Dogs’.

As a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor, I also believe that active people are happy people and am passionate about helping people to find a way to move that is suitable for them and that they love – and what is better than being able to enjoy exercising with your dog!

Katie Walker

I am Katie and these are my too crazy Lurchers, Akira and Pearl. We love to go on adventures and always enjoy a challenge. We regularly canicross and will run anything for 1km to 50km. 

Akira is 5, and we did our first ultra in March. We have some big events we have planned this canicross season to push our limits and build our bond.

Pearl is 3 and has recently joined our family so is still getting the hang of canicross but she loves it and puts her all into everything she does. We are looking forward to entering our first races together over the shorter distances. 

We are so excited to be K9 Trail Time Ambassadors. All our kit is from them and they are always willing to help with any questions. 

Here’s to a great season!

2022 Ambassador Profile Duncan
(Duncan's pack)

Duncan Wells

Hi I’m Duncan, and I started canicross about 7 years ago, the whole family canicross, we have 6 dogs between us (5 run), we have competed at BSSF in Bikejor, and the TDM in France canicrossing, my daughter has been the UK number 1 school child and 10th in Europe, we all love being out with our dogs.

Happy for people to contact me and meet up.

Susan Wheatcroft

Hello! I am Susan, the proud owner of a trio of spanners (spaniel crosses). Bailey, Barney and Benji are fab running partners (particularly Bailey photographed) and through canicross I have formed an even tighter bond with them. 
I have been doing canicross with Bailey for over 5 years now and we both absolutely love it. I never imagined that a dog would teach me that I am able to run faster. We are now a pretty confident double act who love to join others in this wonderful sport. 
When I’m not busy trying to flog myself and the hounds, I spend my days motivating others to exercise through Virtual Runner UK. Running is absolutely my life and I couldn’t be without it! 
Proper down time is spent reading, with doggie cuddles of course!

Nicky Wreford

My name is Nicky and I work as a Canine physiotherapist and hydrotherapist.

My best friend and running partner is my 5 y o Lurcher Zooma.  We have ran from 5km to 20 miles across the Brecon Beacons and this year ticked off running 14 miles across the Jurassic Coast.  

I’m really proud of Zooma as he is also a blood donor at the Royal Veterinary College in Potters Bar.  

I am passionate about the health, fitness and well-being of not only of my dogs but all the dogs I work with and am very excited to be part of the K9 Trail time Team.

Laura Wright

Primrose (7 year old Springer Spaniel) and I got into Canicross about 4 years ago, Primrose has a very strong hunting drive and this sport ticked all the boxes for exercising us both in a controlled way.

We are here for the non-competitive canicrossers, we love our runs out together exploring the countryside, we may not be speedy but are all about the adventure! I am passionate about people doing this sport with the correct kit and knowledge to look after themselves and their dog.