K9 Trail Time Sponsored Athletes

We have a small but perfectly formed team of athletes who represent K9 Trail Time at a variety of events both nationally and internationally.

Below are some of their profiles and we will be adding to this throughout the year

Neil Smith and his son Felix

My name is Neil Smith and I have been involved in dog powered sports for around 9 years after being introduced to it by a friend. My 14 year old son Felix also regularly competes and is fast catching me up in height and speed!

My first dog was a little furry whirlwind called Faolan, an 8 week old Siberian Husky and we took part in our first event, I think, at Westonbirt arboretum sometime in 2009 after his first birthday. It’s fair to say we didn’t shatter any athletic records that day but I was instantly hooked!

I currently have 5 dogs - 3 Siberian Huskies Lupa, Foxy and Wilf, all aged between 7 and 9; a 3 year old GSP called Floyd and the latest addition is 18 month old Kermit, a ‘Greyster’.

The huskies are semi retired now, although the still like to come out training and occasionally come with me on longer distance races. They’re not so keen on the fast and furious 5k’s any more!

My goal is to compete at a European and maybe even a World championship at both canicross and bikejor with Floyd and Kermit, although I have a long way to go in both fitness and technique with several injuries kerbing progress in recent years.

My top training tips would be

  • Keep it fun; stop before the dogs get too tired or bored
  • Tailor your training and conditioning to your goals.

Becky Harding

I'm Becky and I have a springer spaniel x called Lily and hopefully will have a large Munsterlander puppy within the next year.

Our goals for the year are clear rounds! Which basically means our goal is hitting our contacts at shows. We would like to get some placings in the ABC classes but mostly if we can hit all three contacts we are happy!

Top tips for training  - Enjoy training, enjoy competing. The best bit about competing is finding what you need to train and so it is worth remembering every time you step in the ring it’s just you and your dog trying to achieve your own goals!

Paul Chandler

I'm Paul, I have two dogs, Dill a 4 year old Large Munsterlander and Mozi a 1 year old greysther.

My goals for this year are to maintain performance with Dill and to give Mozi a good and positive race experience at varying levels of competition.

My top tips for training are to keep training short and stop before the dogs want to stop to help keep them keen.


Laura Hope

I haven't always participated in Agility, in fact I have only been competing for the past 7 or 8 years which has led to the birth of my Agility Training Business – Clever Little Dog Agility Training. Prior to my agility career I rode horses until I had quite a nasty accident which unfortunately put a stop to this. Alongside my Agility hobby, I am a paediatric nurse and have been for 13 years, working in various healthcare settings, general paeds, PICU, managing respite units etc. and I feel that with all of this experience and my teaching qualifications from the healthcare sector, it has contributed to my current Agility Training business success.

I originally started participating in Agility with my beautiful American Bulldog "Talli". I had always wanted a dog, from a very young age, but unfortunately due to family & work commitments I was unable to own a dog for quite a while. So, when I was old enough and "responsible" enough, I got Talli. I took Talli to puppy classes and there I met Andrew Dicker (Chairman of Thames DTC) and the rest is history so to speak. I started training and competing in Obedience with Talli. I've always enjoyed being with animals and forming a bond, building relationships and participating in activities. She really enjoyed the obedience, I wanted to do more with her and so I started Agility..



Born - August 2007 · Passed - June 2016

Talli was a fabulous dog, one in a million with the kindest and biggest heart. She enjoyed her agility career, albeit a little short. Talli qualified us for many finals, and got us to Discover Dogs multiple times. Being a much heavier dog (40kg of pure muscle) I retired her early at 6 years old. Longevity of my dogs is hugely important to me and I try my best to ensure they are as fit and as healthy as can be. I knew the risk to Talli of early onset arthritis was high and so when she showed me after one run at a show she was a little stiff, I made the decision there and then to retire her. A decision that was hard but also very easy to have made.



My Current Dogs


Born September 2016

Bond has brought a little more "crazy" into the Hope/Stevens household. He is full of fun and loves to work. I have learnt so much from Bond already and he makes me laugh every day due to one reason or another. He is currently building up his skills and Agility equipment confidence. Bond is the first dog I've taught running contacts and honestly, I am enjoying this journey we are taking together. Bond will compete in large when I feel he is ready.





Born – September 2015

Rambo was originally my fiance’s dog and Graham competed with him and to take him from Grade 1 to Grade 3 in agility. As a family (we had a daughter at this point) we decided to move to Cheltenham, with the move, our daughter and work commitments we decided we both couldn’t run dogs and so I took over the training and competing with Rambo. We bred Rambo so he is a very special dog and so I was thrilled to be able to run him and continue with him on his journey. Rambo has taught me a lot, especially as he has a strong eye and a strong work drive. We are currently competing in Grade 5. Rambo likes to keep me on my toes, I love it ????





Born - March 2011

Jade is my first collie, she has taken me all the way from Grade 1 to Grade 7/Champ. She has competed at Crufts and Discover Dogs multiple times. She has had a litter of beautiful puppies, including Rambo, who are all doing well in their own disciplines. In 2017 Jade and myself were selected to be part of Team GB and in 2018 have been selected as part of the Team GB travelling to Vienna, Austria to compete in the European Open in July. Jade is the most sweet and honest girl and I feel very lucky to have her in my life. She has taught me so much and without Jade wouldn’t be where I am today.