Arctic Wolf Semi-Slip Collar

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The Arctic Wolf Semi-Slip Collar is a strong webbing collar with high quality rings and circular stitching for durability, it comes in 4 different colours and a variety of sizes.

The Arctic Wolf Semi-Slip Collar is made from extra strong webbing with high quality metal rings and circular stitching to ensure strength and durability.

The Semi-Slip Collar design means the collar hangs loose on the dogs' neck until it is attached to a line or lead and then pulls snug on the neck so your dog doesn't slip up out of the collar

The collars come in different sizes and 4 different colours, Black / Blue, Black / Yellow (bright fluorescent yellow), Black / Purple and Black / Red

NB - We also stock matching Standard Leads, Training Leads and Bungee Lines

Small = 22 cms - 40 cms

Medium = 30 cms - 50 cms

Large = 40 cms - 60 cms

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