Non-stop Ramble Harness

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The Non-stop Ramble Harness is a fantastic hiking and every day dog harness that is especially good for puppies because it is so adjustable.The sizes overlap each other, so the same harness can be used for the growing up.

The Ramble harness is also a good choice for dogs with a strong body build. The Non-stop Ramble harness is light and comfortable for your dog to wear.

There are clips on both side of the chest make this dog harness easy to take on and off and the robust Duraflex ® -clips have round edges for better durability.

Three attachment points for the leash make the Ramble harness multifunctional.In addition to the attachment point on the back, there is a loop under the stomach to attach a tracking line. On the front there is a third attachment point for mild anti-pull.

The harness has a handle on the back for more control. The handle can be also used to help the dog over eventual obstacles along the road.

Ramble harness is made of robust materials and has Hypalon reinforcement on the exposed areas. The harness has a closed cell “base” which prevents water from soaking in.

The adjustable straps are made of durable and robust seatbelt-webbing. The seems have 3™ reflective material for visibility in the dark. The D-ring on the back is made of aluminium.

The Ramble harness comes in sizes XS-XL to fit both small and big dogs.

This dog harness is available in green and purple colors.

Size Guide

Size    Neck             Chest

XS - 29 - 36 cms   40 - 58 cms

S -  36 - 48 cms   45 - 64 cms

M - 43 - 60 cms   58 - 90 cms

L -  51 - 69 cms   72 - 100 cms

XL - 60 - 84 cms  74 - 126 cms

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