Dragrattan / Arctic Wolf Canicross Starter Set


The Dragrattan / Arctic Wolf Canicross Starter Set combines the Dragrattan Canicross Belt, Arctic Wolf Line and Dragrattan Harness to give you great savings on these top of the range products

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For this canicross starter set we have combined the best that Dragrattan and Arctic Wolf have to offer with the Dragrattan canicross belt, Arctic Wolf Canicross Line and your choice of one of the Dragrattan harnesses at a special price, offering you a big discount when combining the individual items together in this set.

The Dragrattan / Arctic Wolf Canicross Starter Set consists of:

1) Dragrattan Canicross Belt – The Belt spreads the strain through the thick padding, and the leg straps prevent the belt from sliding upwards, stopping any pressure on the runners back when the dog is pulling. You attach your dogs’ line to the brass clip on the front loop of the belt and the loop itself can be unclipped so you don’t have to ‘step in’ to the belt to get it on. The Dragrattan Canicross Belt is a one-size fits “all” in black only and is adjustable from 75 cms – 125 cms around the hips or waist.

2) An Arctic Wolf Line – Your choice of Black webbing with Blue, Yellow, Purple or Red stripes CC (Canicross) which is 200 cm when fully stretched and complies with all UK and European canicross race rules as it coms with brass trigger clip.

3) A Dragrattan Harness – Your choice of X-Back (standard) The Dragrattan brand of X-back Harness, made in Sweden, is one of the best available on the market. With the traditional diamond shaped neck opening, this strong, padded harness, has reflective tape through the webbing which makes the length of the harness visible when illuminated.

K9 Trail Time recommends this type of harness for strong dogs, pulling with a low point of attachment, for example dogs pullings, rigs, sleds and in some cases where the line angle is not steep, canicross, bikejor and dog scootering. Colour of inset webbing is dependent on size as follows: All sizes feature the Red webbing

Size Colour Dogs Weight (Approx. Kg)

0 White 10-14

1 Yellow 15-17

2 Red 18-21

3 Blue 20-23

4 Grey 23-27

5 Black 26-30

6 Gold 29-33

7 Brown 32-36

8 Green 36-40

9 Purple 40-44

OR Multi-sport

Dragrattan have come up with this brand new style of Multi Sport harness. It features the traditional diamond shaped neck opening and is padded to the middle of the dog where a belly strap rests to help prevent a dog backing out of the harness. The back section then has a braided loop to attach your line to and this ensures the pull is directed along the dogs’ body from underneath but doesn’t slide around on your dogs’ back if your dog moves to the side when running

K9 Trail Time recommends this type of harness for all types of dog who want to take part in any of the dog sports of canicross, bikejor and dog scootering.

All sizes feature the Red webbing Colour of inset webbing tab is dependent on size as follows:

Size Colour Dogs Weight Neck opening (of harness)

0 White 10-14 kgs 40 cms

1 Yellow 15-17 kgs 42 cms

2 Red 18-21 kgs 44 cms

3 Blue 20-23 kgs 46 cms

4 Grey 23-27 kgs 48 cms

5 Black 26-30 kgs 50 cms

6 Gold 29-33 kgs 52 cms

7 Brown 32-36 kgs 54 cms

8 Green 36-40 kgs 56 cms

9 Purple 40-44 kgs 58 cms

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1 review for Dragrattan / Arctic Wolf Canicross Starter Set

  1. AJo (verified owner)

    I’m new to the world of Canicross and didn’t know where to start. Emily was amazing, asking the right questions to help me decide which was the best harness for both me and my dog aswell as helping me with the sizes. The harness arrived in super quick time but I wondered if it was too big. I sent photos to Emily who confirmed it was, advised me on how to return and I had the replacement harness in a smaller size only a few days later! This starter set is a great piece of kit. Its comfy for me (I dont even know im wearing it) and my dog (who has never worn a harness before) has no problems whatsoever. It doesnt rub, is well padded where it is needed to be and really easy to get on and off.
    Ive already had lots of comments from others who haver the same harness and they also rave about its quality and durability.
    Thank you Emily, 5 star service!

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