New CaniX Non-Stop (Racing) Starter Set


The New CaniX Non-Stop (Racing) Starter Set combines the CaniX Belt, a Canicross Line and Freemotion Harness to give you great savings on these top of the range products

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Here at K9 Trail Time we have combined the very best that Non-stop dogwear have to offer to provide you with great savings on the individual products when bought together in this elite starter set. The New CaniX Non-stop (Racing) Starter Set consists of:

1) The Non-Stop Dogwear CaniX Belt – developed by the Non-stop CaniX athletes team to increase your comfort when canicross racing by spreading the strain of your dogs’ pull over the buttock area. It also prohibits the belt from sliding upwards which would have put pressure on the runners back when the dog is pulling. The belt has a very lightweight but strong carabiner on the front to attach your line to.

The belt come in three sizes:

Please note Small for children and Ladies under size 8 dress size, Men 28 inch waist

Size S M L
Circumference around waist 50-78 cm 70-108 cm 90-130 cm


2) The Non-stop Canicross Bungee Line -This is a fully elastic line in a bright orange colour which increases the comfort for both dog and owner by absorbing the impact of the dogs’ pull. The line comes with an integral, lightweight but strong swivel gate carabiner at one end to attach to your dogs’ harness. The Line is 2 meters in length when stretched and is orange in colour.

3) The Non-stop Freemotion Harness – this harness ensures a free respiratory tract for the dog while pulling, and has a pulling point which does not limit the dog´s movements and force.

Available in sizes 2-10 and adjustable to help with fitting on dogs that may not be a standard size. When measuring for the Non-Stop Freemotion harness measure fully around the dogs neck and ensure the head will fit through the harness maximum opening size.

If your dog is a particularly deep-chested or muscular breed you may need to go up a size to accommodate this. (Please see our measuring guide or e-mail us at if you are unsure of your dogs’ harness size) Freemotion harness comes in sizes 2 – 10 as below:

Size 2 – up to 10kg Max Neck opening 32 cm Neck circumference 26-31 cm Colour of top straps = Light Blue Suggested breed: Small Terrier, Toy Breeds

Size 3 – up to 14kg Max Neck opening 35cm Neck circumference 28-33cm Colour of top straps = Sage Green Suggested breed: Terrier

Size 4 – 14-20kg Max Neck opening 40cm Neck circumference 31-36cm Colour of top straps = Yellow Suggested breed: Spaniel

Size 5 – 20-26kg Max Neck opening 44cm Neck circumference 35-40cm Colour of top straps = Red Suggested breed: Collie

Size 6 – 25-32kg Max Neck opening 48cm Neck circumference 39-44cm Colour of top straps = Blue Suggested breed: Vizla

Size 7 – 31-37kg Max Neck opening 52cm Neck circumference 43-48cm Colour of top straps = White Suggested breed: Pointer

Size 8 – 35kg + Max Neck opening 56 cm Neck circumference 47-52cm Colour of top straps = Green Suggested breed: German Shepherd

Size 9 – 40kg + Max Neck opening 60cm Neck circumference 51-56cm Colour of top straps = Orange Suggested breed: Malamute

Size 10 – 45kg+ Max Neck opening 72 cm Neck circumference 56-64 cm Colour of top straps = Brown Suggested breed: Newfoundland, Great Dane

See our video for fitting this harness here: How to measure your dog for a new harness


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1 review for New CaniX Non-Stop (Racing) Starter Set

  1. Lynette (verified owner)

    Just bought this, we’re not competing – my Dusty is almost 14 years old. I just really wanted us both to be comfortable in our harnesses & have a way to run with her but stop her disappearing after muntjacs. So I went for something that looked top range. There is sufficient adjustment to get your perfect fit, both dog & person. Really good to wear & the pull height feels good (another reason why I went for this set). We’ve only had one outing in it but so far so good & I’d recommend it.

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