Arctic Wolf Bikejor Bungee Line


The Arctic Wolf Bikejor Bungee Line is a standard 2.7 metre when stretched line, this line meets all IFSS competition guidelines and is considered the regular length for bikejoring and dog scootering.

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The Arctic Wolf Bikejor Bungee Line is made from extra strong webbing tape with integral marine grade bungee, it can also be used as a long lead for dogs that pull hard.

It also incorporates a control handle near the clip which attaches to your dog for those situations when you need to bring your dog in just that little bit closer.

The Bikejor or ‘Lite’ length Arctic Wolf Bungee Line is 2.7 metres (approx) when stretched and comes with either a trigger clip or twist lock carabiner in 4 different colours for you to choose from.

PLEASE NOTE: These lines are meant to be knotted so please do not undo the knots in the line, they hold the bungee in place.

Colours: Black / Blue, Black / Yellow (bright fluorescent yellow), Black / Purple and Black / Red

Specifications are as follows:

Lite – Length (Unstretched) – 250cm Length (Stretched) – 270cm (£25.00 one dog)

Recommended use: Bikejor, Scootering, Skijor, Canicross (this line meets all IFSS competition guidelines) & dog walking

Designed more specifically for Bikejor and Dog Scootering or can be used for dog walking

NB – We also stock a matching Neckline for securing your two dogs to each other via their collars, we now also stock matching Click Collars, Semi-Slip Collars, Standard Leads and Training Leads

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