Howling Dog Alaska Canicross / Bikejor / Skijor Line


The Howling Dog Alaska canicross / bikejor / skijor line is a versatile, lightweight and durable line available in 2 colours.

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This Canicross / Bikejor / Skijor line is made out of the eye-catching Howling Dog webbing in either red or yellow and fitted with a bungee suitable for all dog sports but also general walking. The built in bungee helps to absorb shocks from your dog unexpectedly “jerking” you around. The line is made out of one inch wide tubular webbing and it measures about 5 1/2 feet un-stretched. It features a strong bronze snap to attach the line to your dog and a handle to attach to your canicross belt or bike by looping it through on itself or with a caribiner, it can also be used for walking in the same way.

Available in Red (patterned with black) or Yellow (patterned with black)

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