Bonos’ Two Dog Canicross / Walking Line


Bonos’ Two Dog Canicross / Walking Line is a lightweight, strong, two dog line with a grab handle sewn in before the split for when you need more control of your dogs

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Bonos’ two dog canicross / walking line is a lightweight yet strong line for running or walking with two dogs.

Hand made in the UK, the standard line is made from webbing material 1 inch wide, which although designed to be extremely tough, is also softer on the hands than the braided rope found in many lines.

The lightweight option is made from slightly thinner webbing but both use marine grade bungee in them to absorb any shock from your dogs pulling. Lighter weight webbing option for smaller dogs with lighter clips too, please choose the Lightweight option in Black / Red (black webbing with red stripes)

This line is both lightweight and durable with brass trigger clips at each end to be attached to your dogs and a loop to attach directly to your canicross or skijor belt by looping the line through itself or it can be attached with a caribiner.

The line features a grab handle before the split to give you extra control when running near roads or where you need to bring your dogs close to you.

We recommend this line for canicross and dog walking when attached to a walking/canicross belt.

PLEASE NOTE: This line is meant to be knotted so please do not undo the knots in the line, they hold the bungee in place.

Available in Black with yellow stripes, with a grab handle sewn in for extra control and now Black with red stripes which is the lighter weight option for smaller dogs.

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