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Trion:Z Magnetic Dog Collars

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Quick Overview

Promote natural health in your dog with a Trion:Z magnetic dog collar containing negative ions and medical grade magnets.
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Trion:Z's magnetic therapy collars are designed specially for your dog and are suitable for all types of dogs, from young to old, small to large, active working dogs to the more sedate. All can wear Trion:z collars to optimise their wellbeing.

Trion:Z products are categorised as Alternative or Complementary Health products and do not make any claim that any of its products are intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat or diagnose illness.

Designed for maximum therapy, its wide bandwidth provides for comfort and support around the neck, and a sturdy D-Ring for use with a lead. A strong and adjustable strap ensures that the collar will stay in position and at the desirable size around their neck to prevent any problems arising due to snagging or extending.

Trion:Z Pet Collar is made from a high quality strong and durable fabric, with up to four North/South alternating magnets placed inside the material and fixed around the length of the collar. Magnetic therapy and the interaction between the iron containing red blood cells means that circulation of the blood is increased through the magnetic forces of repulsion and atttraction between the oppositely attractive magnets. (ANSPO Orientation)
The material that generates and releases negative ions is placed along the inner surface of the collar, in order to optimise its effect by the proximity to the skin and to the best of our knowledge Trion:Z Pet Collars are unique, being the only pet collars on the market to combine Magnetic and Ionic Therapy.

Magnetism is a basic force in nature and has been used in Complimentary Medicine for hundreds of years. Animals have a smaller volume of blood being pumped around their bodies at a faster rate. Magnetism is attracted to the iron in the blood and is said to increase its circulation which delivers nutrients more quickly and can aid the reparation of cells. This in healthy animals could help to aid vitality and a sense of wellbeing.


Wide bandwidth, for extra comfort around your animal’s neck and for increased support when using a lead.
Made from a soft and comfortable material, that can be easily adjusted to the desired size.

Made from:-
Collar: Polypropylene 100%
D ring: Iron (nickel plated)
Black square part: Polyethylene (PE)
Up to four 1000 Gs Magnets (Dependent upon size)
Buckle: Acetal
Sliplock: Acetal


When deciding which size to buy, please ensure that you measure the neck of your animal and you select the collar that matches the size of your animal’s neck. It is best to choose a size slightly larger than your measurement to ensure the collar does not constrict or cause irritation around the animals neck or cause discomfort when on a lead.
When measuring for a collar, please ensure there is room to insert your fingers between the collar and the animal. Trion:Z Pet Collars should be worn lightly touching the skin and should not be too tight as a normal collar would be worn.

Trion:Z pet collars are currently available in 4 sizes.

Size Dimensions

Small 25 - 35cm
Meduim 35 - 45cm
Large 45 - 55cm
XLarge 55 - 65cm

NOTE - We have tested the product out on a range of different sized animals and have found the Collar hard wearing , durable and able to withstand the force of the larger dogs. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that, as with all other collars placed under severe strain and large amounts of force, that it will withstand the very strongest animals. We would advise that if you are unsure, it might be suitable to use a harness is used in addition to the collar.

CARE!: Medical Grade Magnets are used in all our products. As with all magnetic products, do not use without consulting your vet if you have a pregnant animal, or they are using an insulin pump, transdermal drug delivery patch or have a pacemaker or any other form of life-sustaining medical devices in their body. Stop using and ask a vet if any irritation is caused.

Care Instructions: Hand wash in a mild detergent, and lay flat. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

PLEASE NOTE: Trion:Z Pet Collars are not a registered medical device nor do they make any medical claims.

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