K9 Trail Sports October 2021 Virtual Race

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In October 2021 the K9 Trail Sports virtual races are raising funds for Protecting Preloved Border Collies with 20% of race entries going to the charity to help them with their work.

Join us in October 2021 fundraising for Protecting Preloved Border Collies with 20% of race entries going directly to the charity to help them in their work.

Here's what they say about themselves...

'We are a growing network of Border Collie lovers. Incorporating owners, rescues, fosterers and behaviorists, we offer a safety net for Collies that are advertised free on websites such as Preloved, Gumtree and Freeads. Many owners are horrified when they realise that by giving their dog away, they are less likely to find a safe loving home than if they asked for payment. The bottom line is, if a person is truly looking to give a good home to a Collie, they would be happy to pay for it. The scum that search for free dogs for their cruel purposes would not want to pay for them, and in reality there are so many free dogs available they don’t need to pay anything.Our aim is to be a voice for these Collies that are in danger of being given away to the wrong people. The dog-fighting community take free cats and dogs to use as bait. Unscrupulous ‘puppy-farmers’ use free un-neutered bitches for continuous breeding.

Another problem for Border Collies is that they are often passed on to an unsuitable home that cannot deal with any behavioural problems the Collie may have; they then get passed from pillar to post and end up permanently damaged as a result. When we see a Collie being offered free, we send our message to the owner warning of the dangers.If a Border Collie is in an environment where the owner cannot or will not provide the care, mental stimulation The Collie is continually passed on with problems unsolved and often exacerbated. We are a safety net for these misunderstood Collies. We step in and take the Collie away from an inappropriate environment and do all we can to find what it needs.

We give as many Collies possible, a safe happy home, where they are simply allowed to be Collies, with all their enthusiasm and zest for life intact.We can offer help to find a safe rescue place, foster or forever home for their dog, and physical exercise that this complex breed needs. Unable to understand or realise what is needed to help the dog, the owner often resorts to keeping him in an enclosed area in an attempt to maintain control then behavioural issues develop. Whether this be a kitchen, a garden or, as we have encountered, a crate in the bathroom; the Collie gets increasingly stressed The cycle continues when an inexperienced owner rehomes ‘free’ via Preloved/Gumtree to another inexperienced owner. We need Funds, Fosterers (emergency, short, medium and long term), Rescue support, Transport & Fundraising Volunteers and more than anything Forever Homes.

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